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Whether you’re launching a new business or a new product, or want to ensure that your current product retains momentum, customers are key to that. For them to know about your business and product, you need to interact and build relationships with them. However, there are hundreds of businesses doing the same thing, so you have to be more inventive with your marketing strategies than them.

However, one strategy that’ll for sure help you gain traction and new leads is giveaways and competitions. An Australian start-up called Gleam is offering SaaS solutions that’ll help you grow your business by running your competitions and giveaways on their platform. The four solutions the start-up offers are Capture, Competitions, Galleries, and Rewards.

Competitions and rewards

Gleam’s Competitions app allows you to run online competitions on social media or your website. By embedding the responsive widget available in 25 languages, that provides for verified social media sharing, custom referral links and form fields, smart e-mail notifications, and many other features. Some features are available for free, whilst others start at $49 per month.

You can choose from several templates — both free and paid — or create your template. The templates range from “Photo contest” and Pre-launch awareness to Secret codes, promotion of upcoming events, and many others. For example, Gleam’s template on Single-Entry competition is a sign-up form that allows collecting entries easily. The Business package allows for custom CSS and company details, allowing you to tailor the widget the way you want.

You can also create Rewards widgets with the available templates. Those can be coupons, downloads, access to links, or redirects. The pricing starts at $39 per month. The Rewards app allows you to control how you provide special offers and rewards to your audience. For instance, the Gleam widget that allows users to unlock an exclusive game key can contain specific actions users have to take such as following on social media, watching a video, etc.

Like Competitions, Gleam’s Rewards can be embedded on social media or your website, or be part of a webhook. Unlike Competitions which are usually one-offs, Rewards can run indefinitely and help users win something immediately rather than wait until the giveaway is over. With both Rewards and Competitions, you can increase your user engagement and interest across multiple platforms, thus driving more traffic to your site or store. You can also allow access to exclusive content for certain users, increasing your tailored offerings.


Gleam’s Capture app is a powerful way to build e-mail lists. It allows targeting messages and opt-in forms to the right users at the right time. The Captures can take the form of a pop-up, a notification, a coupon, an embedded link, and others. For instance, you can use the Capture pop-up in your e-commerce store when the customer opens the website. It can be something like “Subscribe and get 10% off ALL CLOTHING”, and your customer will need to enter their email to get the discount.

Capture also allows customization of the widget for different users. So, if you want to offer discounted shipping to UK users who sign up, you can set it up so that the popup is only shown to visitors from the UK.

Like with Rewards, you can use CSS to tailor your Captures. Choose from several templates available, like popup, header, floating Capture, etc. The installation involves just embedding a line of JavaScript code onto your website header. The prices start at $39 per month.


The Galleries app allows you to curate visual content from across the Internet to your target audience. You can pull content from social media via hashtags, posts, or even your Rewards and Competitions. The gallery is completely customizable and you can set it up to allow user interaction.

For example, you can encourage users to vote on their favorite pictures, or host a photo competition amongst them. The Hashtag gallery can pull the photos with the relevant hashtag from several platforms, the Community Hub gallery allows you to collate and organize user-generated content, and the Social Hub gallery allows you to show off your customers and community’s best content.

All the Gleam solutions support integrations with many services and social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Zapier. For musicians and gamers, integration with Spotify, Twitch, and other services is also available. Google Analytics can also be connected to it.

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Source: Keith Lang (Fat Frog Media)

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