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Zivid Two: Vivid 3D Camera for Pick-and-Place Operations

Over the years, it has become fairly obvious that robotics is the future of technological advancements. The concept of automating everything is slowly becoming the ultimate goal of every major robotics companies. While factories are already using automated machinery, robotics is slowly branching out to everyday tasks as well.

We have already seen some pretty amazing advancements in robotics thanks to companies like Boston Dynamics. However, it’s not always easy to create a piece of machinery with the capabilities of performing basic tasks. The need for basic parts will eventually skyrocket, and that is where companies like Zivid step in with their industrial 3D camera, the Zivid Two.

Zivid Two Industrial Camera Example 1

Most robots will need cameras to use as their vision input, and with the surge in pick-and-place robotics, the Zivid Two will be an essential part of this industry. It is a compact high-performance 3D-color camera made primarily for machine-tending applications. The camera has super high 3D precision and advanced artifact suppression to help reduce image noise.

Machine learning for precision

The Zivid Two has a high-capture speed to improve its precision further. These additions greatly improve the camera’s performance and remove certain constraints that restrict most cameras from being applicable in robotics. It also has a deep-learning AI and object-detection algorithms to improve the accuracy of grabbing and placing objects.

Zivid Two Industrial Camera Example 2

Thanks to its fast 3D-image acquisition and capture time, the Zivid Two is substantially better than other conventional 3D scanners that were previously used in most pick-and-place robotics. It also has a very flexible working window with a distance of 300mm to 1500mm and a field of view of 57 degrees and 35 degrees on the horizontal and vertical axes, respectively. These make the camera perfect for a wide range of on-arm stationary-mounted robot-guided applications. The camera only weighs 880 grams, which keeps the impact on the robot’s maneuverability minimal.

The Zivid Two is also robust, capable of surviving harsh industrial conditions. It comes in a magnesium housing and is dust and water-resistant. It can also withstand temperatures ranging from 0°C to 45°C and 15 G impacts.

Zivid Two’s mass production units will be available for purchase by the first quarter of 2021. In the meantime, there are engineering samples available for €8,000.

YouTube: Zivid Two – 3D camera for your bin-picking, piece picking, and machine tending application

Photo credits: The images used are owned by Zivid and were provided for press usage.

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