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Xeno: Conversational Marketing with Customers Using Bots

Customer communication is everything. With the rise of e-commerce, the main goal of many businesses is to communicate with their customers and gain their attention. Understanding their personal needs is important, especially when people are exposed to more brands every day. With that in mind, the messaging app Xeno set out to help businesses ensure they properly serve their customers.

A new approach to business communication

Xeno’s purpose is to replace the “old way” of business-to-consumer communication. This includes a hodgepodge of things like email marketing, mailed forms, and flyers, as well as the use of phones. In fact, they think that social media marketing will soon be outdated.

Xeno allows businesses to bring all of their “leads, customers, partners, and team members together in one collaborative, customer-oriented workspace”. It provides users with an easy-to-use embedded live chat, letting businesses “chat with (their) leads, customers and partners on the spot, wherever they are over the web.”


The service provides the support of a conversational smart bot, which can field customer questions and “automate marketing, sales, and support tasks, saving you time and money.” Other enhancements include a clean and simple user interface, analytics to let teams and their Xeno bots know how they’re doing, file sharing, instant translation in 54 languages, roles, and permissions, and a collaborative team inbox, among many others. Additionally, for those worried about using this on their phones and tablets, Xeno is mobile friendly and designed for all devices.

Two starting plans

Purchasing the service for your business is relatively easy. Their satellite plan starts at $65 a month, including one user. Additional users for that plan will set you back another $21 a month. This version includes the most innovative Xeno features such as performance monitoring, the fully customizable bot, chatbox, and contact enrichment to make the customer experience smooth and enjoyable.

At a notably higher $175 a month, the Lunar Rover plan includes all those features and more. Such additions range from more customer channels and video calls that can be 1-on-1 or with a group to enhanced communication automation. It includes three users, and additional ones cost $32 a month per extra user.

Xeno is a must-have for any business, and it “brings enormous value to marketing, sales, support and feedback collection.” It’s always in any company’s best interests to stay ahead of the curve and in front of the trend. It sure does seem that the company’s automated system is built to do just that, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if its approach to “conversational marketing” soon might become the norm.

YouTube: Xeno App: All of your customer communication in one super-powered tool.

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