Chatbot Transformation: Trends For Your Business


Without any doubt, chatbots are the top-notch trend among all the trends that artificial intelligence has put forward. “Chatbot” has been a buzzword in the technical industries for quite a long while now. They have changed the way organizations do businesses and deal with customers.

From automating customer service to creating a smarter business workflow, AI chatbots are quite useful in B2B, B2C and B2E scenarios of businesses. According to a survey conducted by Oracle, 80% of businesses said that they want chatbots by 2020. So, let’s take a look at how chatbots are advancing and are ready to help businesses.

Human-like intelligence

We all know the fact that chatbots adoption depends on how appealing they seem to the end user. In 2019 and years to come, we are going to witness chatbots that are highly incorporated with advanced artificial intelligence technologies. In fact, chatbots have already started to invade various business sectors.

These chatbots are embedded with smart technologies like natural language processing, machine learning etc. which enable them to give smart responses in more of a conversational tone. Apple’s Siri represents an example of a chatbot possessing human-like intelligence.

The emergence of web bots

In the coming years, enterprises will acknowledge the importance of chatbots and will consider planting AI chatbots into their websites and ecommerce store. According to Mindshare, 63% of the people will prefer messaging an online bot in order to communicate with a business or brand.

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Chatbots have the capability to provide excellent engaging customer experience and boost conversion rates. The 24/7 availability of chatbots will revolutionize the options of live chat (instant messaging) on websites and ecommerce stores.  Moreover, it will give more control over an organization’s sales activities, user-approach, and marketing.

Substitute mobile applications

The mobile app’s novelty is decreasing. As soon as its market becomes saturated, Enterprises will start adopting bot strategy and will consider using an AI-powered chatbot platform. According to ‘Top Strategic Predictions’, 50% of the businesses will spend more on chatbots creation than on mobile application by the year 2021.

The Gartner report predicts that in the post-app era, chatbots will take over and will change the way apps are built. They will become the face of artificial intelligence. Hence, resulting in reduced number of business mobile applications.

The rise of business intelligence bots

In today’s technical world, businesses either large or small, are configuring chatbots to provide better assistance to the customers. Hence, building chatbots for your business will become essential. One significant trend in the upcoming years will be automated data record from chatbots and it’s facilitated analysis.

With the enterprises executing a massive amount of data every day, it has become quite challenging to seek insight-driven decision making. But, AI chatbots have made it possible and overcome this challenge. They can give quick and easy delivery of analytics to the active messaging channels and raise BI acquisition. Gartner predicts, ‘Natural language generation and AI will be the standard feature of 90% BI platforms.’

Conversational UX

CUX is relatively a new branch of UX which will gain importance in the upcoming years. A good CUX makes sure that the user’s goal is achieved without a hassle and in a short time with max end-user experience. Machine learning is introducing strong advancements in natural language processing.

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Therefore, the development of conversational chatbots proves to be a significant trend. The days are not far when the chatbots and their role in conversational commerce will soon become integral. Guided conversation, brand persona development, personalized content, etc. are some of the trends to look for in CUX.

Mainstream adoptions and customer service

Chatbots not only have brought advanced applications in the customer service area but enterprises are also using bots for different types of workflows. It is only a matter of few years that chatbots will become an integral part of online enterprises. The usage of AI will only get advance and mainstream in the years ahead.

CRM, IT helpdesk and several intranet applications represent some of the examples. It is estimated that globally 45% of people will prefer chatbots over people for customer services. Placing chatbots for customer service is considered safe. Soon organizations of all sizes will be adopting bots and will be seeking maximum benefit from it.

This guest article has been provided by Rebecca Cook as a column for TechAcute. This article reflects the author’s views and is built on his opinion and experiences. It is not necessarily the view of the editorial office.

Photo credit: The feature image “neon beauty” has been done by Connor Botts.
Source: Oracle report / Mindshare report / Kasey Panetta (Gartner 12) / Ron Miller (TechCrunch)

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Guest Author
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