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There’s no need to emphasize the importance of a social media marketing plan for any business – this has been normative for years now. However, the scene has changed, and it’s no longer enough to just be on social. Competition is tough, audiences expect a lot from brands, and the social media landscape is swarming with competitive noise.

As much as it’s difficult to overcome the numerous challenges of building a business from the ground up, there’s still a sweet advantage a startup can have: a fresh perspective. With the right social media marketing plan, your brand can exude this freshness and draw in audiences, leading the way to growth and exciting opportunities. Follow these steps in order to build a strong foundation and a social media marketing plan bound for success.


1. Set your goals

As we’ve mentioned, mere presence is not nearly enough. You’re establishing a social media marketing strategy to help you overcome the challenges of growing your businesses, so naturally, the plan you develop will be drawn from the solutions social media can offer. That being said, you need to have a precise idea of the goals you plan to achieve with your social media marketing campaign. Here are a few social media marketing goals you can build upon:

  • Raising brand awareness
  • Establishing customer loyalty and a trusting relationship with your audience base
  • Using social media targeting to reach your core audience
  • Using social media as a platform to inform potential customers about your products and promotions

As for any marketing strategy, it’s essential that your goals are measurable and attainable. Keep your objectives simple and clear so that you can track progress and expand as you go.



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