Wolff Olins Creates Responsive Logo Design: the Customer’s Voice on a New Level


In April the British-American brand consultancy firm Wolff Olins releases a new interactive logo design, which reacts literally to the customer’s voice to changes color and shape. The Brazilian telecoms company Oi hired them for this experimental brand overhaul. The design studio Onformative supported them and built a software, which reacts to sound input and transforms the logo.

This is a very fresh and innovative approach to designing a new logo. Usually the processing around logo creation is the holy grail of brand communication and corporate identity. The concept of consistency is challenged ultimately with the idea to introduce an interactive logo, which reacts to input and changes its shape and color based on that input.

On the other hand this introduces an amazing idea to tie the customers to the brand. The customer gains the feel of owning their own special version of the logo and being in control. In addition to that, this is also the new symbol of the customer “being heard”. The voice of the customer and whether it’s heard or not can make a strong impact on the relationship between customers and brand and also alter the public reputation of the brand.

Vimeo: Making the Oi logo generator

The interactive logo versions will be used in digital environments that allows for “live-action” and the customer’s unique version of the logo will be used in print, such as invoices and other correspondences.

“As a business we had to evolve to better meet the changing habits and behaviours of our customers. So we asked Wolff Olins who created the original Oi brand to help us adapt it for the next level of growth. They’ve made it truly responsive to the user and perfectly fit for the digital era.” Eric Albanese, Director of Communication and Brand, Oi

The Wolff Olins team involved in this project consisted of Campbell Butler, Fleur Isbell, Owen Hughes, Estelle Wackermann, Morgan Holt, Ben Gibbs, and Sairah Ashman. The campaign was communicated in the public and social networks using the hashtag #MyOi.

YouTube: Wolff Olins designs sound-reactive logo for telecoms company

Photo credit: Wolff Olins / Oi
Source: Emma Tucker (Dezeen) / Wolff Olins / Wikipedia

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