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We should never stop learning. Of course, it’s good to stay on top of new things via articles and social networks, but is that enough? When you’re looking to hear about new ways and want to exchange thoughts with other experts of your industry, it’s good to visit a conference.

Many such conferences happen annually, and while some come and go, some others love it and attend every year. Going to such events is great fun and has a lot of professional value add as well. But what do you do if you simply have no time to travel somewhere just to attend a 2 or 3-day long conference? What if you’re rather introverted and don’t enjoy gatherings even though you’d love to hear the latest from the conference speakers?

“With The Best” online conferences for developers

You could join an online conference like the With The Best series, hosted by BeMyApp. It’s all online, and you not only save the cost of travel and hotel stays.”but also you’ll save a lot of time by joining online conferences. An online conference on the Internet also allows speakers from all over the world to connect with a broad remote audience via video.

The With The Best conferences have first been done in 2015. They have a strong focus on serving developers, from which many are used to consuming text and video information as part of their regular work day and corporate culture. The With The Best team describes their focus on, “bringing together worldwide peers, mentors, and experts with the same technical focus, to share knowledge, learn, and network — regardless of geographical boundaries”.

Despite the heavy marketing effort on making these visible for an audience of developers, I felt that this was interesting really to anyone who cares about the subjects, may it be personal or professional interest. If these bullets sound anywhere near interesting to you, you should check them out even if you’re no developer (yet).

Ai With the Best Online Conference 2017

AI With The Best 2017

If you’re interested in everything that AI introduces or enables, you should check out the AI focused conference this year. They have more than 50 speakers from renowned companies and other subject matter experts in their field. They have three learning tracks which are based on…

  • Machine learning research
  • Deep learning, NLP, and Chatbots
  • Applied AI: Startups, industry, society

If you’re interested in joining the AI With The Best conference 2017 you can find out more info on their event site. The event will take place from the 14th to the 15th of October 2017.

IoT With the Best Online Conference 2017

IoT With The Best 2017

In case you’re more interested in connected devices, and how they enable solutions for consumers and enterprises, you should check out their IoT focused conference.  More than 50 speakers from around the globe will share their experiences and tell stories about what is going on in the IoT industry. Here are some examples of the sessions…

  • Designing Voice Driven Experiences with Amazon Alexa (David Isbitski, Amazon)
  • Leveraging WWW Standards for IoT, a.k.a. “Why Vanilla is the Best Flavor in the Smart Kitchen” (Hristo Bojinov, Innit)
  • Testing Is How You Avoid Looking Stupid (Steve Branam, SimpliSafe)

You can find a full list of sessions and speakers on the event website. The conference will be on the 14th and the 15th of October 2017.

Cybersecurity With the Best Online Conference 2017

Cybersecurity With The Best 2017

With all this AI and IoT advancements, one would be foolish not to consider an aspect of cybersecurity to protect the solutions from being damaged or misused for the actions of third parties. There will be more than 50 speakers who are all experts in the field of CyberSec / InfoSec and related functions. Among others, here are some of the announced sessions…

  • The Typical Day in The Life of a CISO (Abbas Kudrati, KPMG Aus)
  • Firebase security rules – Protecting App Data from the Zombie Apocalypse (Jen Tong, Google Cloud)
  • Building an Effective Cyber Defense Portfolio (Khadir Fayaz, Pearson)

If you check the event website, you’ll be able to find more info on what is going to happen during the Cybersecurity With The Best conference 2017. It will be held on the 14th and the 15th of October 2017.

Blockchain With The Best 2017

Merely a buzzword to those who don’t understand cryptocurrencies but it’s not too late. And is it really all about financials only? Check out the Blockchain With The Best conference to learn from the experts. Whether you’re a fan of this kind of payment of the future or if you think they are going to break the world, you can get the facts here. Some of the sessions are…

  • When do I need a blockchain? A hands-on comparison of decentralized and centralized application development (Michail Brynard, Rehive)
  • Pangea – Your Blockchain Jurisdiction (Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, Bitnation)
  • The token “risk bundle:” applying venture due diligence to cryptocurrencies (Francis Jervis, NYU)

Can the cryptocurrencies succeed in the real world too or just in the digital world? You tell me after you attended the Blockchain With The Best conference that will take place from the 15th to 16th of November 2017.

I hope you will learn a lot there! Have fun and share your comments below. 😉

YouTube: With The Best – Online Conference Series for Developers

Photo credit: Sebastian Kujas for Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland / BeMyApp / BTC Keychain
Source: Event websites

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