Running Remote Conference 2019: Learn All about Managing Your Virtual Team and More


A two-day event focusing on managing remote teams is set to be held this summer in one of the most scenic places on Earth – Bali, Indonesia. Specifically, we’re talking about the Running Remote Conference that last year attracted massive attention and delivered amazing results. It was held at Fivelements, Bali on June 23-24, an award-winning eco-conscious luxury wellness destination. This year, it will take place on June 29-30 in Sofitel Luxury Beach Resort in Kuta Selatan, Bali.

What is Running Remote all about?

Generally, this event aims to contribute to the future of work through education of founders and professionals. It is carefully curated to teach attendants all about the next-level, actionable strategies to utilize for building and scaling remote teams.

Last year, the conference gathered 251 attendees from 35 countries, along with top remote work leaders. Specifically, 73% of them were CEOs and founders. The attendees had the opportunity to visit over 15 expert sessions and panel discussions. There were plenty of networking opportunities for building connections across remote work world. Twenty speakers, including GitHub’s Lara Owen and H5’s Marit Martin, covered topics like asynchronous communication and gender equity in remote work and offered practical advice.

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The organizers expect nothing less than last year’s success, as they will again bring expert speakers to hold lectures on how to start and scale an office-less business. You can view all the sessions and panel discussions online at the event’s website.

Why not just have a remote conference?

Although it would suit the subject matter, the organizers chose to have a physical conference for three important reasons:

  1. They want to solve an information gap in the community where everyone has their own way of remote team building, with very different views on what the best practices are.
  2. The organizers want to learn about the immediate future of remote work, like which currently non-remote industries can be made remote.
  3. They want a place where company owners and HR managers can sit and collaborate on the best practices.

An event of this type and size hadn’t existed, until Running Remote. It covers every detail of remote team building. Moreover, it brings together remote work tech companies, online collaboration thought leaders, and outsourcing business owners all to one place. Tickets for this year’s conference range from $299 for a 10-member team to $699 for a single pass. Prices will go up on May 31, so consider purchasing a ticket soon for a nice price.


Photo credit: The feature image has been prepared by Austin Distel.
Editorial notice: The feature image does not relate to the presented event. It has been used a general visualization as the actual event has not happened yet.

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Sead Fadilpasic
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