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Meet Ballie: Your Rolling Household Assistant

Robots continue to develop these past few years, occupying news headlines across the globe. At this year’s CES in Las Vegas, Samsung introduced a tennis ball-like robot named Ballie. This small robot is designed to understand, support, and react to the needs of its owner.

Your new pet assistant

The robot was demonstrated on January 6 during the speech of Samsung’s company executive Hyun-Suk Kim. He presented the new invention to the public and called it the “next evolution of the Internet of Things”. Meanwhile, Ballie followed Kim on the stage and obeyed his voice commands. It kept the distance from Kim when prompted, almost like a puppy. “I think he likes me” Kim laughed.

Kim also shared that they wanted to create ‘a life companion’, which gave birth to Ballie. It was designed as a robot that can address an owner’s needs and actively help around. These can vary from opening the blinds in the morning, cleaning up spilled coffee or milk, or simply playing with other pets.

The company also says that Ballie can even call for help if it sees someone fall and need assistance. Samsung considers this new invention as a useful device for people’s better life, health, and well-being.

Rolling towards the future

Ballie can communicate with other smart devices and pets around the house. It is considered an example of Samsung’s human-centric vision of robots – the future of personalized care.

Unfortunately, Samsung has not discussed the price or specific timeframe for the robot to be launched. It is difficult to say what possible demand will be. However, you can expect it to arrive in the future. For now, Samsung believes that Ballie, with its on-device artificial intelligence capability, will conquer the hearts of consumers.

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