Want to Watch TV Online? Here’s What You Need to Know!


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If you want to watch TV Online you can do it for free or you can pay for it and some services are unavailable in some countries. Since we have two options I will divide this article into free and paid options.

Free to watch

It is important to say that if you opt for a free option you won’t be able to watch new shows like GoT or The Walking Dead, you might be able to see some older episodes but rarely, almost never a brand new show. You can find a vast list of websites that offer free TV service but they will probably show you a lot of commercials also.

One of the websites where you can find a lot of shows is YouTube, you used it mostly for music, but, you can find movies and TV shows there. Did you know that there is a YouTube TV Shows page? The list is huge and you can choose a country.


We should also mention BBC. You can download BBC iPlayer and watch TV shows for free in the UK, if you are a fan of Doctor Who you will be glad to hear that you can watch it for free. TVCatchup is similar to BBC, free for UK audiences. If you are not in the UK you can still use an online streaming service if you use a proxy or VPN.

When it comes to sports, you can have a hard time finding something for free, most services SKY Sports, ESPN, or FOX require payment. Some of these providers offer free access to featured games in all major professional and college sports.

Pay to watch

If you are willing to pay you can watch whatever you want. Most internet service providers in their bundle offer you a TV package which you can upgrade with additional programs.

Netflix is one of the popular services we will mention. This service is really affordable and you can watch movies and TV shows. There are three types of subscriptions with a basic monthly cost of €7.99. Also, you can try it for free – for the first month only.


Another great online streaming service is Amazon Prime. Similar to Netflix, you can watch movies and TV shows. Another thing that you get if you opt for Amazon Prime are e-books for Kindle, unlimited photo storage, and ad-free music. You can also get a free first month but the subscription fee is $99 per year.


I already mentioned that some sites/services are locked for some countries so you might find some services you can’t watch unless you use VPN or proxy. Another thing that I find really important is your internet speed. To be able to enjoy fully these services you need good internet speed, recommended speed is 5Mbps, so make sure to check your broadband speed at speedcheck.org before you pay for any of these services. Luckily, most providers follow Netflix as an example and offer trials so make sure to use that right.

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Editorial notice: Please review if the actions you are taking to access particular media online are legal in your area before you try to access them.

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