10 Netflix Settings That You Should Know on Your Finger Tips


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Netflix is a streaming platform with 213 million-plus subscribers, making it one of the best streaming platforms globally. Here you have a lot to choose from, for they have an extensive library filled with splendid original content from classic TV shows, old and up-to-date content.

Sometimes it’s easier to miss out on your favorite shows because you did not use Netflix features to the fullest. You will be shocked to know what you can do if you spend some time in the settings section. Are you using Netflix settings to the fullest? Below are the 10 Netflix settings that you should know at your fingertips.

Download your favorite shows or movies to watch offline

For you to be able to stream Netflix, you need to get connected to the internet. Once connected, you can use it to download your favorite shows that you will watch later whenever you are offline. To successfully use this setting, you need to first go to profile settings, then downloads, then Video quality to select the quality you want and the one that will suit your data/storage.

The download button will be visible next to the movie/series. Once downloaded, it will be available in the media section, where you have the option of watching/deleting shows. Now your library will have the best shows and the best movies to watch on Netflix Australia.

Clear your Netflix history

By sharing a Netflix account with other people, they see the shows you watch. Sometimes you may feel embarrassed, especially if you are watching a show that they mock and they come to find out.

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Netflix has eased access to your history, and you can quickly clear anything you don’t want. You should go to activity settings and select the “X” next to the one you want to remove.

Use your smartphone to enable smart download

This feature is essential when using Netflix because it will keep you up to date with the latest episodes. It will automatically download the latest episodes and delete the previous ones you have watched, making your work way easier. In addition, once you have watched the last episode of the series, it will remain to show you that the show you were watching doesn’t have any new episodes.

To activate it, you need to go to profile, app settings, select smart downloads.

How to minimize Netflix data usage

If you don’t want to limit your viewing but want to limit your data usage, you should think of adjusting your data saver mode on your Netflix. Here you have to go to app settings, select data usage, select your preferred option, either Wi-Fi only, data saver, or automatic. Then, select the data saver mode.

How to watch HD or 4K videos

If you have already paid for a better Netflix plan for quality video and are not receiving it, you need to adjust your settings.  Go to the playback setting page, and select your preferred option, which is HD.

How to stop Netflix autoplay

A feature known as post-play enables Netflix to play automatic episodes of the series that you are watching. It is interesting, especially if you want to watch the whole series without pausing. But, sometimes, it may not be very pleasant, especially if you finish watching and the next episode automatically plays.

To stop autopay, go to playback settings, then to preferences. An option to uncheck the autoplay will appear; select it and then save.

Customize language and subtitles

If you are a fan of foreign languages or movies, then subtitles will play a big role in enjoying and connecting with the show.

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Netflix has made it way easier for you. All you need is to go to the subtitles page, and there, you will have all the settings you want to customize your subtitles, including color and size.

Freeze your Netflix account

If you will be away for some time and don’t have to pay for Netflix, you can easily freeze your account, and once you are back, you can activate it. Canceling your account will save your viewing activity. Then, when you sign-up again on Netflix, you will be asked if you want to resume your membership.

Make a personalized profile

Creating a personalized profile will help when you are adding accounts for each member of the family. You can add a new account by selecting the edit profile page option, then selecting add a profile. Doing so will prevent exposing uncensored content to young viewers, for you will be able to choose the level of maturity for TV and films available.

Block adult content

If you are sharing Netflix with young viewers, then blocking adult content should be the first thing in your mind. To do so, go to profiles, then to the viewing restriction. For each kid’s profile, you will be able to change the maturity rating to the one preferred for your kids.


Netflix is among the best streaming platforms we have, with an extensive library filled with great content. Above are the best tips that will guide you to use Netflix to the fullest and how you can have a secure Netflix account.

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