Warmup Inbox: Warm Up Your Email for Outreach Marketing


Do you want to start a new cold email campaign? Do you want to activate your newsletter by sending weekly insightful emails to your audience? Do you want to start email marketing in general? Then, here’s something you should be mindful of: you must warm up your email address.

If you don’t know what warming up an email is, I’ll try to explain it as simply as possible. When you have a new email or an email that’s not been used for a while, that email is considered cold. If you start outreaching without warming it up first, you’ll end up in the spam folder; deliverability will be extremely low and you might even get blacklisted.

All that because Google (or any other provider you might be using) thinks you’re just a spam bot. Though an even marketing email might get delivered it also means that it might simply be landing in the spam folder of the recipient.

Warming up your inbox is the most critical step before you start your outreach. If you want to warm up your email manually, you’ll have to do a lot of things regularly such as sending individual emails, maintaining conversation threads, and maintaining the time gap between two consecutive emails. This is why email marketing teams need tools like Warmup Inbox.

Just as its name suggests, Warmup Inbox is a platform that automatically warms up your email. Instead of doing all the manual labor of maintaining your email, you can just sync your email address with this platform and let it take care of the rest.

How does inbox warmup work?

Warmup Inbox will start sending out emails on behalf of your address to other users of the platform. These emails will be replied to, be read, engaged in threaded discussions, as well as be favorited or marked accordingly to simulate real human interaction. This entire process will be happening each day at a steady pace.

Here are just some of the advantages when you use Warmup Inbox:

  1. Your inbox will be flooded with good emails.
  2. Each email will contain smart and dynamic content.
  3. Your emails are automatically pulled out of the spam folder.
  4. Your domain will be checked for blacklists constantly.
  5. On top of all that, you’ll also get a live performance tracker inside the platform.


If your inbox isn’t ready for outreach, you’ll los’ a lot of time, energy, and money. With a tool like Warmup Inbox, however, things are much less complex and you can have more engagement from your audience. For those interested, the platform has a 7-day free trial. Once that’s over, you’ll have to pay $9 per inbox per month. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to cancel your subscription at any given time.

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Javier Brosch.

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Pantelis Nikolopoulos
Pantelis Nikolopoulos
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