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Elevate Your VR Experience with Motion Simulator Yaw2

In the past few years, Virtual Reality (VR) has become so popular, bringing immersive experiences in online social and gaming environments. These environments could range from areas such as helping employees improve their mental wellbeing, recreating a historic event, or simply saying goodbye to a loved one.

However, the biggest issue in utilizing the VR headset is the inevitable motion sickness that most users feel. The user’s eyes and ears will have to adapt to a reality that they think they are experiencing which may cause some coordination blockade that leads to motion sickness. To address this, Yaw VR has recently designed its newest motion simulator: Yaw2.

Image: Yaw VR

Simulating movement for VR

Yaw2 is the second-generation PC-based motion simulator and smart chair from Yaw VR. It is also the company’s second project on Kickstarter. This simulator is designed for gaming, but can also be used for other immersive experiences, providing high precision motion control, built-in vibration, and high-speed dynamic motion. The company also solved the predecessor’s drifting issue in this new version.

Apart from that, the Yaw2 comes with an ergonomic desk as a part of its accessories. Together, these two also act as a great workstation. It also comes with a replaceable seat for personal comfort and posture correction assistance. There’s also a built-in timer that can be used for scheduling meetings. A nice touch to the chair is that it provides you with an option to choose music to take a break and relax.

Image: Yaw VR

Yaw VR aims to elevate user experience in VR, expressing that “for us, it doesn’t matter where you came from, it doesn’t matter where you are going. What truly matters is who you want to become today.” Whether you want to fly, drive, or race, you can easily do that with Yaw2.

The Yaw2 is compatible with any major VR headsets such as Oculus, Sony PSVR, and many others. It is also compatible with most PC games such as Grand Theft Auto, Elite Dangerous, Flight Simulator, and many more. This motion simulator just had a successful campaign over at Kickstarter and is estimated to be shipped out this September.

However, if you missed out on the campaign, no worries as it seems that they’re gearing up for pre-orders soon on its website. Judging from their campaign, Yaw2 might set you back around $990 or more.

YouTube: Yaw2 – the next generation motion simulator and smart chair from Yaw VR

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