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Genie in a Headset: Your Employees’ VR Journey to Mental Wellbeing

Ready to hear about Genie in a Headset? It’s no secret that an essential pre-requisite for productivity and engagement is the wellbeing of employees. The fast pace of our daily lives and workplace pressure, however, can lead to discontent, low mood, and even burnout. The burden is doubled for the managers – on one hand, they are equally stressed and anxious, while on the other, they are responsible in ensuring the team a balanced lifestyle in and out of work. When you feel that the burden is becoming too much, online therapy from licensed professionals can help.

Fortunately, mental health support in the workplace is a trend that seems to be taking off. Irish startup Genie in a Headset (GIAH) aims to improve the corporate wellness and mental wellbeing of employees with the use of VR technologies.


Visualize your perfect day

Jackie Carroll, the founder and CEO of GIAH, wanted to marry visualization with VR. The technology allows a person to visualize a specific scenario. For instance, those with public anxiety speaking can choose to visualize a room full of people to improve on it. It also offers meditation experiences through the VR headset, which are simple enough for those who’ve never done it before.

Meditation is a proven way to learn to respond to stress calmly and thoughtfully, thus mitigating it. Mindfulness techniques are also shown to sharpen memory, attention, and EQ amongst managers and employees. With the GIAH headset, users can do meditation exercises and unlock new mindfulness experiences. They can also track their heart rate, stress, and anxiety levels over time to monitor their progress.


Carroll says that the future versions of the product would allow the employees to visualize their “perfect day.” The idea, she says, is to help people get the hope for the life they want and get real direction.

GIAH promises to deliver better stress and anxiety management, increase employee retention, prevent burnout, and boost performance levels. The company website provides tips in a blog form on how to manage employee anxiety, help the team relax, and other information about corporate wellness. You can watch the presentation below.

YouTube: GIAH promo video website corporate

Photo credits: The feature image has been taken by Lucrezia Carnelos.
Sources: GIAH blog / Fiona Alston (The Irish Times) / Emma Seppälä (Harvard Business Review)
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