Why Some People Bring Their Own Travel Kettle to Boil Water in Hotels


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Why would you need a travel kettle? A water kettle is an essential piece of equipment for any hotel guest. It’s used to boil water for coffee, tea, and other hot drinks. But did you know that some people bring their own water kettle with them when they travel? There are a few reasons why someone might do this, but the most common reason is that they don’t trust the hotel-owned water kettle. In this article, we’ll discuss why some people bring their own water kettle to hotels, and we’ll also suggest a few alternatives if you’re thinking about doing the same.

I’m sorry they do what?

One of the most common reasons people bring their own water kettle to hotels is that they’re afraid of what might be in the hotel-owned water kettle. There’s a chance that someone has used it to wash their underwear (that’s a thing), and you never know for sure what’s been in it. If you’re looking for a way to avoid this risk, bring your own water kettle with you.

Another reason people bring their own water kettle to hotels is that they don’t like the taste of the water in the hotel-owned water kettle. The water might have a strange taste, or it might not be hot enough. If you’re looking for a way to make sure your coffee or tea tastes great, bring your own water kettle with you.

Deerma Collapsible Silicone Travel Kettle used for Chinese Tea
This is the travel kettle that I use for brewing tea in hotels (Image: Christopher Isak)

The best way to avoid the risk of using a hotel-owned water kettle is to bring your own water kettle with you. There are many different types of travel kettles available, so find one that suits your needs. Make sure it’s small and lightweight so it’s easy to carry and make sure it has a good water filter. That way, you can be sure your water will taste great no matter where you are.

Travel kettle sounds like a good idea now?

I got a cool tiny travel kettle that I like so much that I frequently use it even at home. I love to brew myself a tea and I don’t want to skip that when I’m in a hotel either but I just couldn’t get over that thing that people use the hotel-owned kettle for weird stuff. I’m not that sensitive, but I have enough space for a compact travel kettle even in my already small suitcase. What do you think?

Here are a few that are similar to the one that I got, which I found on Amazon and you can have a look if you like. What was important for me is that it’s somehow foldable or can be turned small when not used and of course that it can be easily cleaned when needed to. I didn’t care so much about how strong it is or how fast it can bring the water to a boil since on travel we can more or less keep our schedule under control but if you need to go for coffee fast, you might want to check out the wattage as well.

And don’t forget…

Lastly, make sure the device is secure and can be used in different countries without issues. Also, don’t be afraid to go for a Chinese one because using hot water not only for tea but drinking it even on its own is a popular thing over there and they know what a kettle should work like. So, after scaring you off like crazy with the people who do things in their hotel rooms that they shouldn’t do, grab your travel kettle and enjoy a fine brew even while you’re on the go.

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