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Track Your Metabolic Fitness with Levels

By now, most of us have already invested in all sorts of wearable technology, including fitness trackers, for its convenience and advanced technology. While most fitness trackers monitor our daily physical activities and burned calories, Levels created a bio-wearable device that monitors the metabolic health and glucose level in our body.

Glucose is one of our body’s energy sources, which we usually get from carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. However, just like anything else, too much of this is bad, and our body functions differently once we go over what our body needs. With Levels, it continuously tracks the amount of glucose in your body at any given time via the Levels app that works with the continuous glucose monitor (CGM) Freestyle Libre 2.

We are blessed nowadays that we have medical devices that we can use at home despite the pandemic. Normally, blood sugar level is tested by pricking one’s finger to get a blood sample put on a test strip and read by a machine. It usually gives the result in about half a minute. The downfall of this is that it only monitors your glucose at that specific moment. Meanwhile, Levels’ sensor is attached to the arm via a tiny needle that some people claim doesn’t really hurt.

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To get yourself started with Levels, a questionnaire is provided for you to answer so you can get a prescription if a sensor is needed. Mostly, this tool is available for people wanting to better their health and customize their diet and exercise.

Once you have the sensor on your arm and have downloaded the Levels app on your mobile device, it automatically reads your glucose level every 15 minutes. Levels also has a smart feature that prompts the user to log in to the food they are consuming when it detects a change in the glucose level.


On the Levels app, you would be able to see your glucose status for the past 8 hours. You can also chat with the team so you would understand how to improve your metabolic health.

Shedding Light to Metabolic Health

A report would be sent every month which contains one’s progress and how well your body is generating and processing the energy. It also shows your body’s reaction to certain food and exercise so you could gauge which diet plan and type of exercise best suits your overall health.


In the next few years, Levels aim to widen the awareness and understanding of one’s metabolic health, building a more affordable product that would cater to the mass market. The official launch is calendared by mid of this year. Although a month’s program is worth a hefty price of $399, the good news is that the shipping for a 28-day sensor is free.

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Editorial notice: Update March-9 2021 – Levels reached out to us with the request to enter some clarifications into the report, which have then been entered.

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