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Access to information is important for marketing teams within an organization to create accurate content for their clients. Widen understands the need to align a marketing team with the vision and branding of a company. So, they offered a solution that would help organizations have a controlled and flexible curated subset sharing.

Widen, which Acquia newly acquired, provides digital asset management and product information management. Their goal is to help you and your team improve workflows in getting information to create marketing content for your business.

Brand portals

Using Widen’s portals, you can provide your team and valued partners easy entry to all the assets they need. Portals allow them to access information without being users of your DAM or digital asset management system. You only need an accessible link to your Portals using one of three flexible security settings: Public, Access Code Required, or Login Required. You can also configure them with expiration dates.

In addition, you can embed these Portal links in web pages or connect them to Salesforce. Widen’s brand portals can assist your regional teams and partners with access to the correct information through easily translatable portals available in over 12 languages.

Through your DAM system, these portals are founded on its organization, permissions, and the establishment of version controls. The brand portal of Widen gives you the freedom to easily design and manage branded portals using navigation tools, stylized headers, and columns without the hassle and involvement of code programs.

Aside from that, you can choose from dynamic galleries that take in brand-new assets pulled from the DAM system depending on the specific criterion you provide. Widen’s brand portals can automatically display your DAM system’s most recent versions when master files are updated.


Below are the advantages you can get when using Widen’s brand portals:

  • Utilize practical brand standards portal with brand elements usage.
  • Educate with training portals as your central hubs where training materials are located.
  • Harness marketing operations portals for distributed marketing teams to utilize proper campaign assets.
  • Reach out through channel portals that extend access and partnership with dealers and retailers to product-specific assets and support the sales process.
  • Provide convenience with quick share portals in sharing loads of assets with any particular audience.
  • Maximize event portals that are easy to spread and send the attendees photos and videos of the event.
  • Open sales portals that help sales teams with the most recent customer examples and collateral versions.

Writers can also have press kit portals for all their tasks and deadlines. If you want to consolidate information in one platform for your team to create content easily that’s aligned with your company’s vision and ultimately widen your business’ reach, you might want to try Widen.

YouTube: Digital Asset Management and The Widen Experience

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by RA2 Studio.

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Pauline Nicole Sael
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