Unboxing the TORRAS COOLIFY 2 Neck Air Conditioner Camping Special Set


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Are you ready for some Glamping? The TORRAS COOLIFY 2 Neck Air Conditioner has been gaining a lot of attention lately as one of the best wearable air conditioners on the market. It is perfect for hot summer days when you need relief from the heat, but don’t want to carry around a big, bulky air conditioner. We received the COOLIFY 2 for testing in a special camping box that holds some useful camping gear. They also just won the Muse Design Award for this product, and it’s well deserved if you ask me. Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside.

What’s in the box?

The first thing you’ll notice is the all-black camping table. This table is perfect for setting up your campsite or picnic area. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, but it’s also sturdy enough to hold all your gear, eat on, or play a card game.

TORRAS COOLIFY 2 Special Camping Box

Next, you’ll see the outdoor light. This light is perfect for hanging around your campsite or picnic area at night. It’s bright enough to illuminate your area, but it’s not so bright that it will bother your neighbors. You can either use it in flashlight mode or set it to lamp mode and place it on the included tripod to illuminate the surrounding area.

The titanium cup is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite beverage while camping. The cup is lightweight and durable, so it’s perfect for taking on the go. It also has a flashy pennant that will help you find your campsite easily – and you know, a little swag also goes a long way. If the pennant isn’t enough, you can also take some of the nicely designed glamping stickers from TORRAS to smack it on your gear.

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The comfy folding moon chair is perfect for sitting around the campfire or relaxing in your tent. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, but it’s also very comfortable. The chair comes with a storage bag so you can easily take it with you wherever you go. Are you not good at setting stuff up? No worries, these pieces of gear are super easy to assemble and take apart. You just connect the rods and attach the fabric and you’re good to go.

And now for the main attraction – The TORRAS COOLIFY 2 Neck Air Conditioner is the perfect way to stay cool during hot summer days. The device is small and portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. It’s also very easy to use – simply put it on around your neck and enjoy the cool, refreshing air. When it gets cold at night, you can also set it to warm you up.

Walking the dog and staying cool with COOLIFY 2

The COOLIFY 2 in the box we received is a limited edition. The cooling plates change color when the mode changes into heating mode. The shell in this version is made from ABS+PC and carbon fiber elements. So, to sum it all up, all of this can be transported in a useful storage box that you can easily throw into your car or keep in your basement while it’s not camping season. You can also easily review and order it on Amazon.

All that and come back soon for the full review

So, there you have it – the contents of the TORRAS COOLIFY 2 special camping box. With this box, you’ll be prepared for anything the summer heat throws your way. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your COOLIFY 2 air conditioner as much as I did. Not sure if this is something you’d spend money on? Stay tuned for our dedicated TORRAS COOLIFY 2 wearable aircon review to appear on TechAcute soon.

Photo credit: All images shown are owned by TORRAS and used with permission.

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