Top AI Use Cases Where You Don’t Expect Them


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Artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving rapidly, and an increasing number of industries find ways to leverage this technology to their advantage. The benefits of AI for businesses are endless, with intelligent automation technologies taking care of both repetitive daily tasks and more complex processes, resulting in increased team productivity, efficiency, and lower operational costs. While some of its capabilities are highly common and now used by every other company, there are many less-known AI use cases that may surprise you. Here are a few of our favorites.

Customer support

It is not uncommon to see chatbots available on many B2C business websites, which automate customer interactions through text predictions. However, while this technology has been around for years now, the latest AI developments allow for much more intelligent use of these chatbots.

Besides just focusing on creating human-like conversations to solve customer problems, AI chatbots are now constantly self-improve through the feedback within the chat. This smart technology is able to predict customer behavior, customize responses based on individual cases, and inter-connect multiple other processes within it (e.g., identify an action as well as action it without the need for human interruption). It is also capable of collecting valuable data reports through customer interaction and suggesting potential improvements.

Feedback analysis

Similar to the point above, smart AI technologies are now able to gather customer feedback across multiple touchpoints automatically as well as analyze the collected data for you. This does not just include data from customer surveys – it can scan through social media pages, news articles, voice and text messages, email interactions, and much more.

The data is processed using sentiment analysis, which allows to digest the most unstructured data and turn it into valuable insights. Such use of AI can play an important role in testing the performance of new products or services, gaining general customer feedback, and understanding potential sales prospects.

Market research

Market research is a key process in every business, as it helps determine your next move based on the predictions of market behaviors. Typically, there will be a dedicated team working on this. However, AI technology is now able to automate a vast chunk of their tasks, leaving your employees to focus on more important processes.

Such intelligent technology is capable of making complex product/service demand predictions, recognizing new patterns in consumer behavior as well as analyzing historical patterns, finding potential markets and different customer segments, price optimization suggestions based on competitor research, and so on.

Improved security

Artificial intelligence can significantly enhance the security efforts in your business by integrating and automating it across different levels of your business. Besides regular automated checks on your cybersecurity through a variety of tests and cyber-attack simulations, AI can also prevent human-related incidents by monitoring suspicious behavior and mitigating potential threats. Overall, helping you protect your business and stay compliant with data regulations simultaneously.

Personalized marketing

While creative marketing campaigns cannot yet be fully automated, AI technology is rapidly getting better at customizing customer interactions and messages. Whether that’s through personalized content suggestions, targeted ads, emails, notifications, or product recommendations, artificial intelligence is able to analyze consumer behaviors and predict their needs and wants incredibly well. Some technology is even able to create unique content on specific topics, albeit not 100% perfectly.

This is a highly productive and effective way to manage much of the marketing activities within the business while cutting costs significantly – as your employees can focus their efforts on the more creative and complex areas of your marketing activities.

Photo credit: The feature image has been done by Gorodenkoff.

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