The Steadfast Growth of Competitive Mobile Gaming


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It only makes sense that mobile gaming is prevalent because almost everyone can access smartphones. Being stuck at home also enabled most to play games online to connect with their friends and meet new people.

Take a look at Mobile Legends: Bang Bang an online mobile game that’s been booming since 2016. This free-to-download its bouts of controversy, but nevertheless, it still is one of the most popular mobile games being played in Southeast Asia.

Call of Duty: Mobile is another popular mobile game. Taking a cue from the franchise’s fanbase, this game is an obvious pick for gamers who are into the first-person shooter (FPS) genre. Its release in 2019 made such a splash that it is considered one of the biggest mobile launches.

Finally, we have Valorant which got its official release in 2020. Despite it being a relatively new game, it’s garnered a big following by combining tried and tested gaming elements reminiscent of CounterStrike and Overwatch, not to mention having an art style similar to League of Legends.

The popularity of mobile gaming and the future

Because of the popularity of competitive online mobile games, it makes sense that game publishers would capitalize on having global competitive tournaments revolving around their games. The more these games are appreciated at that kind of level, the more opportunities may arise for these mobile games.

Smartphone companies have been making high-end gadgets to create mobile phones perfect for gaming. With that, the possibilities are endless: more games, more updates, more upgrades, and more big events. Let’s look into some of the games in the mobile gaming industry today.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Starting with one of the most played MOBA, Mobile Legends — MLBB or ML for short — is just simply entertaining to play. As you might have guessed, there are various characters or heroes you can play with different unique sets of skills to defeat the opposing team. There are also plenty of in-game rewards you can get as you rise through the ranks. Its publisher, Moonton Games, has had copyright issues since its release, but that hasn’t stopped it from taking over Southeast Asia.

Unlike other MOBA games, you can buy items even though you are outside of your base. While ML has all the charm you usually can get from a MOBA game, its fast-paced gaming and ease are what sell it to most people.  Even first-time or casual players of the genre can easily get into playing it.

Call of Duty: Mobile

FPS games on mobile have never been the same since Call of Duty: Mobile was introduced. If you are an FPS game fan, you would know this game. From console to desktop, now you can play it on mobile.

This is an online game where you can team up and play against other teams. Call of Duty: Mobile features different game modes where you can never get bored. There are also ranking systems to start your competitive journey. You would be expecting different types of guns to play with. You can also apply skins to your guns while also unlocking different characters with various fashion styles.

The most enjoyable part of Call of Duty: Mobile is playing with your friends and communicating with them while you are on the game. The good thing is that the game’s company always updates the game to fend off hackers and cheaters, keeping the game clean and remarkable.


Another FPS that has gained fame is Valorant. What makes this game special is the different characters or agents you can play because each of them has a different set of skills. This game not only challenges your accuracy in shooting guns but also tests your ability to utilize the agent’s inhuman abilities.

Just like other online competitive FPS games, Valorant is played by two opposing teams. There is a ranked mode, unranked, practice, custom, and other modes you can play. The classic features of the game are the gun and knife skins, comical spray paints, and customizable profiles.

The only issue you might come up with is the complexity of how Valorant works. The reason could be because of the skills required and the time to master each character. However, that is also what makes the game outstanding compared to other FPS games. If you’re a Valorant player looking to improve your gameplay, you might find Mobalytics to be a helpful resource. Mobalytics offers tools and insights that can help you master the game, and their agent page provides useful information on every character in the game.

How can you get these games?

You can go to your phone’s application store and just search for any of the games mentioned that fancies your interest. These are all available for Android and iOS devices. Just tap install and the rest will follow. The only issue you might encounter is the compatibility of the app with your device.

All of these games require an online account so you can save your progress when you use different devices. Do not doubt your gamer instinct in playing through these games. If you are new to playing, just follow the guides in-game and you are good to go.

These games are usually best played on high-end mobile devices to bring out your full capability. However, you can just optimize your in-game settings to meet the minimum requirements to play the game functionally. Just remember to have fun.

Photo credit: The feature image is owned by Activision and has been provided for press usage.

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