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The Space Safe 2: The Safe of the Future

Gone are the days when safes would just be those heavy boxy types with keypads or knobs begging to be cracked open. The Space Safe 2 gives a whole new modern look for safes while keeping your valuables secure.

Designed to be unrecognizable and discreet, this safe has beautiful rounded edges and a 10″ touchscreen LCD that only activates when physically touched. Exterior LED lights can be customized in terms of brightness or color.

Unlike traditional safes, The Space Safe 2 is not as heavy, however, it can be bolted on either the floor or wall so it won’t get stolen. Sized at 1.2 cu. ft., you would definitely have enough storage for all your valuable possessions.

The Space Safe 2
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Technologically advanced features

Aside from the elegant design, the safe also carries a bunch of smart features for added security. A maximum of 4 users may be granted access to the safe either by entering their own PIN codes or through fingerprint authentication.

The safe has a biometric fingerprint reader with 508 dots per inch and a 192×192 pixel sensor. This provides quick, convenient, and personalized access to the safe. In the case that temporary access must be given to other people, a one-time pin valid for 5 minutes would be granted. If the code isn’t used within the timeframe, they would have to wait for another 24 hours to get another pin.

The safe also has two integrated 1080 HD Cameras: one inside and one outside the safe. This allows the owner to see who’s accessing the safe and what they’re taking from it. Owners can also view an activity log of each time successful or unsuccessful access to the safe is done and by whom.

The Space Safe 2
Image: Space

If that’s not enough for you yet, let this safe’s 256 AES-bit encryption give you peace of mind that it won’t get hacked. It has temperature and humidity sensors to keep anything inside in perfect condition. It also has two interior USB ports so you can charge any device even while in storage.

The Space Safe 2 requires you to plug in the power adapter to any outlet. It comes with a 12ft USB-C cable but also works with any generic ones. In case of a power outage, a hidden backup rechargeable lithium battery will power the safe while it goes into low-power mode. Owners would still get notifications even in this mode but in less frequency. When the battery is completely drained, a backup key can be used to access the valuables inside the safe.

Safe with an app

Owners can also connect the Smart Safe to the WiFi and its accompanying app where they could get notifications and access to all the safe’s features. Initial setup of the safe with the app could be done via a QR code or a unique pin.

The app would notify the users of any movements detected or attempted entry into the safe through the app or via SMS. If the user has multiple safes in different locations, they could easily control and monitor each of them through the app.

The Space Safe 2
Image: Space

In the presence of an intruder, you can also put the safe on lockdown regardless of wherever you are. The interface becomes inaccessible while sensors and notifications remain active. If the safe is touched, the interface will display an alarming message. This lockdown mode could also be enabled if an incorrect PIN is entered thrice or if the accelerometer feels heavy movement around the safe. You can also alert 911 in the app.

The safe could also be used in Airbnb properties. Once guests have checked in, only they would be able to access the safe and get notifications for any motion or attempts detected. Once guests check out, the owners can easily switch back the safe to “normal mode”.

Stay connected and protected everywhere you go with The Space Safe 2. The regular price is $599.99 which comes with a year of limited warranty, not including coverage for physical damage. The safe is scheduled to get shipped in December 2021.

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