Walsun’s Fingerprint Lock Protects Your Bike


The Walsun team started with the idea of designing a dependable fingerprint lock in 2018 to curb bike theft. After testing and designing various prototypes, Walsun launched their Kickstarter campaign in December 2019.

The Smallest Fingerprint Lock

Walsun’s star product is the FL-U3 model that is marketed as the world’s smallest fingerprint lock. This fingerprint disc lock seems bulky for bicycles and e-bikes, but it weighs in at 220g. This also comes with a 120mAh battery that lasts up to three months. You can recharge it easily through the type-C charging port.


The fingerprint recognition unlocks in less than 0.05 seconds and can save up to 40 different fingerprints. Aside from that, the lock can detect rich fingerprint textures,  avoiding thieves to open it using fake silicone or gelatin.

The disc lock is IP65 waterproof that’s designed with a 6mm lock pin. The structure also makes it durable with its 304 stainless steel to prevent it from being cut or unlocked. It also comes with a button on the side to put the lock on “sleeping mode”, which allows the device to save some battery.

As of this writing, you can now preorder this item at its Kickstarter page, starting at $59. When you do, you’ll also receive a Fingerprint disc lock with a USB charging cable.

Other Walsun Products

To make your bicycle or bike even more secure, Walsun also offers its FL-U6 model for a dual protection system. The FL-U6 is a steel cable lock with a unique design that has a cable lock with a fingerprint recognition system.

The steel cable is layered with a strong PVC material that is hard to deform. The fingerprint lock comes with a protective cover and is compatible with motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds.

In short, most of the locks in the market just secure some part of the bike and thieves steal the whole body of the bike and leaves behind the secure part. With Walsun’s dual protection system hopefully, that possibility is a thing of the past. The team expects to start mass production in April.

YouTube: Walsun: Fingerprint Lock Better Protect Your Bike !

Photo credit: The feature image has been taken by Murillo de Paula.
Sources: Kickstarter

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