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The Robots in the ‘Wire Cutters’ Short Film Are Truly Human [Video]

Here’s a sci-fi short film that touched me a little bit last night. It does hold an interesting meaning but it is also beautifully made. Wire Cutters is the story of how we can achieve more with teamwork, but on the same notion it shows us how greed can doom us. These mining robots here are actually two of the most human machines I’ve ever seen.

The short was produced, written, and directed by Jack Anderson. I also recommend you to check out more of his works and if you’re into stories like this, you can also subscribe to the DUST channel on YouTube for more. Enjoy!

YouTube: Sci-Fi Short Film “Wire Cutters” | Presented by DUST

Photo credit: The feature image is a still frame from the presented short film and owned by Jack Anderson.

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