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Subly Adds Subtitles to Your Videos Automatically

Brands are now more cautious than ever on the content they publish and the tools they use to gain more reach, engagement, and impressions from their clients. Companies are constantly looking for digital tools that will smooth and simplify the user experience. Among the tools that revolutionized the world of digital marketing is automation.

When it comes to video content, about 85% of the videos on the web are watched without sound. Whether they have hearing disabilities or not, people choose to watch videos this way. With such a large audience watching videos without sound, subtitles have become very important for companies and content creators to boost engagement with their content. This is where Subly and automation come into play.


Subtitling your videos automatically

Subly is an online platform that helps people communicate their messages as fast as they are created. It is a video editor that subtitles videos automatically so anyone can create professional videos.

With this, Subly increases the chance of viewership as it creates subtitles for videos. Having subtitles in videos increases the chances of audience engagement. This is important because.  there is a huge number of people who watch videos without sound, so they need subtitles to understand what you want to tell them.


It’s very simple and easy to use Subly. You merely have to access the Subly website, sign up, and upload your video. After that, you’ll be asked to select a language and dialect spoken in your video. The tool will then generate the subtitle for you. The font, color, and style of the subtitle’s text can be changed accordingly.

When the video is ready with subtitles, simply download and share it with your audience. Compared to the time that you’ll spend editing and transcribing videos on your own, Subly’s whole process will only take about five minutes. Subly does the hard work for you in an automated process.

Growing community

Video content has become one of the most used forms of promoting products and services online. Still, viewers need to be able to watch and understand these videos without sound. It’s no surprise that people are loving Subly.


More enterprises, creators, and agencies alike are joining its community and using the tool. Among its users, company founders and owners said that using Subly saved so much time and budget. This helps them allocate their company expenses to other resources rather than spending huge costs on subtitling.

The best thing about Subly is that it is easy to use even if you don’t know anything about editing videos. It’s a completely free tool that allows you to upload your video, style your subtitles, and share it with your audience. If you want to access additional features, they also have packages that vary according to what you need, starting at $10 per month for Pro.

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