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StorifyMe: Creating Visual Stories to Engage Customers

Social media is a huge marketing channel, but it’s only a single channel. The internet has a lot more to offer people than social media. That’s why it’s vital for marketing firms and other companies to capitalize on the web by using it to reach new customers.

Instagram stories are a popular way for consumers and brands to interact and express themselves. However, they only last for 24 hours and exclude non-Instagram users. That can potentially create a marketing gap for certain businesses. This is where the German start-up StorifyMe enters the market.

Web stories are the future

Founded in 2019, StorifyMe aims to make it possible to interact with your audience via interactive stories across the entire web. The format is mobile-first – no surprise there, since statistics tell us that nearly half of consumers shop on mobile devices, and that number is growing rapidly. Stories serve as micro landing pages, which can deliver better mobile results.

StorifyMe offers solutions for publishers, marketers, and retailers. The company covers all elements of successful marketing strategies:

  • Creating content: StorifyMe offers a simple no-code platform – essentially a drag & drop editor – which allows you to design bespoke stories. There’s a library of professional templates and free media files available. But you can also engage your own imagination and create your own template. Everything is customizable – from font to interactive elements. Those include polls, quizzes, shareable links, CTAs, tagging, and many others.
  • Personalizing content: Consumers love personalized stuff, and StorifyMe allows you to do just that. You can create different experiences for your customers, thus increasing brand loyalty and retention levels. You can also upload your existing audience into the app via a .csv file.
  • Sharing content: StorifyMe allows for web sharing, emailing, and other ways to distribute your stories, in addition to social media. All it takes is a single line of code. StorifyMe’s stories also last for as long as you want them to. They don’t disappear after 24 hours, like social media stories.
  • Analytics: The added value of any marketing content is that it allows you to see its sales impact through analytics. StorifyMe is no exception. The engagement data available allows you to see what’s happening with your stories in real-time. It provides a deep analysis of views, interactions, the average time spent on viewing a story, etc. By having this data instantly available, you can quickly learn about customer habits and wishes and tailor your product accordingly, if needed. The software provides Google Analytics, Pinterest and Facebook Pixel, and other integrations with major platforms.

Could this be an alternative to Adobe Spark or Canva? A great example of StorifyMe use case is Shopify stores. The integration with Shopify allows sellers on the platform to opt for either a free or a paid StorifyMe app. I definitely look forward to seeing how it can be adapted to other online marketplaces.

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Photo credits: The feature image has been taken by Koukichi Takahashi.
Sources: StorifyMe blog / Maryam Mohsin (Oberlo) / Samuel Schmitt’s blog

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