How to Measure the Importance of Social Media


The social media bandwagon has been chugging along for quite a while now – and you have already jumped in. After a few weeks (or months) of posting good content, do you know where you’re going?

Importance Means R.O.I.

 Every single thing you do in your social media plan, you invest both time and money. It’s only natural to expect some returns. Here are the 3 things to include in your online strategy: Targets, Tools and Analytics:


You must determine the types of audience you want to target with your well-thought content (messages, images, videos). Identify the age, gender, and location of the people you want to reach. Your data must be related to your business or niche.


Source: Jeff Bullas – 12 Awesome Social Media Facts and Statistics for 2013


A lot of online tools are created to make your life in social media easier and less insane. You are not a robot and you are likely to puke when you have to do the same things day after day after day. Schedule your posts easily using efficient tools like Sendible and Hootsuite.


A good measurement result will always depend on the goals you want to achieve on a weekly and monthly basis. A high monetary conversion rate is the usual success that most marketers equate to high R.O.I. Some results just aim to achieve specific goals such as added number of mentions, follows and likes per week. This is alright when you want to build online presence through constant engagement.

5 Reasons (and Whys) You Want to Influence People Through Social Media

  1. Traffic: Links attached to your posts will invite visitors to your website. Make sure your posts are interesting and not spammy.
  2. Leads: Use social media to post your free offers through subscription. Encourage people to use your contact form.
  3. Reach: The wider reach you have, the greater audience you target.
  4. Buzz: The more mentions about your business you get, the more people will hear about you.
  5. Customer Welfare: You get both the positive and negative opinions of other people about you. It may feel like you’re in front of a firing squad but this is really your chance to correct the mistakes committed to clients and to promote better public relations for your business.

Clear Objectives Lead to Effective Social Media Campaigns

Whether you want to add 500 Twitter followers each week or 5000 Pinterest followers each month, always keep a track record. It helps your campaigns to know when you achieved your goals or not. Your social media goals are not set in stone so you can change any strategy for the better.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” — Yogi Berra

Photo credit: Rodolfo Tesone – ENATIC speaking about Social Media, Marketing & Big Data at the BDigital Global Congress 2013

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