Staying Hydrated: Jelly Drops Turns Water into Candy for Dementia Patients


A UK-based startup called Jelly Drops has made a significant advancement in the fields of nursing and medicine through candy. These treats are water sweets made for patients with dementia who struggle with fluid intake.

Lewis Hornby, the inventor of the JellyDrops water candies, claims that the inspiration behind the product has been his grandmother, Pat, who has dementia. One day, she was rushed to the hospital due to severe dehydration. Fortunately, she recovered, but this led to Hornby thinking of how to solve this issue. According to experts, patients with dementia struggle with hydration.

Lewis Hornby With Grandma Pat
Lewis Hornby With Grandma Pat (Image: Jelly Drops)

Hornby spent a month at Pat’s care home to think of a viable solution. After 18 months of thinking, consulting, testing, and developing, he finally had his solution in product form: water sweets. Since the launch of their company, Jelly Drops has received 15 awards.

Keeping hydrated

Apart from helping patients with dementia such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Jelly Drops also helps anyone with hydration struggles and snacking issues. Those who have dementia not only struggle with holding drinking utensils but may also forget to drink water altogether. Other times, the inability to communicate or identify thirst can also result in dehydration.

Jelly Drops aims to solve this issue by changing water from fluid to candy form and giving them bright colors and small sizes. These features also tend to help people who struggle with hydration.

Jelly Drops Snackpot
Snackpot (Image: Jelly Drops)

The packaging is transparent which attracts dementia patients to the vibrant colored candies and reduces the possibility of forgetting. Consumers have agreed that Jelly Drops boosts water intake, saves time, and makes the experience enjoyable for people with dementia.

Features of JellyDrops Water Sweets

Despite it being a treat, Jelly Drops are sugar-free and made of 95% water. On top of that, they are vegan and have electrolytes added to them. Initially, I thought they would have a liquid center. However, you’d be surprised to know that that was not the case. The candies are smooth on the outside and solid throughout. They are also easy to chew; consumers describe the texture as that of trifle jelly.

One drawback, however, is that the candy is not actually for everyone at the moment. Jelly Drops may be unsuitable for people who have swallowing difficulties. The company suggests consulting a speech and language therapist first before using the sweets if you have swallowing difficulties.

YouTube: Jelly Drops: Supporting water intake with an irresistible sweet

Photo credit: All images shown are owned by Jelly Drops and have been sent to us with permission to be used.

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Rabeeta Abbas
Rabeeta Abbas
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