HidrateMe: Stay Healthy with Your Smart Water Bottle


white+bottle+and+droplet+screenFor anyone who has ever developed a nasty headache, felt dizzy, or even fainted from dehydration, there is finally a product being developed to help you stay hydrated! HidrateMe is the first connected water bottle to be developed and is currently readying itself for a public launch. Developed over 2014 and 2015 by four students from the University of Minnesota, HidrateMe tracks your daily water consumption and is able to provide reminders when your water intake drops too low.

“We’re redefining accomplishments. Many people only see the large milestones, but we believe in the power of small, everyday moments. It’s time to celebrate your small triumphs.”
– HidrateMe Mission Statement

Initially developed during one weekend for the Google Startup weekend, the HidrateMe team worked tirelessly for over half a year to perfect their design in order to be accepted into the Sprint Mobile Health Accelerator Program. The team was able to demonstrate the efficacy of their product and received additional funding to help accelerate their business to ready their product for the world.

By connecting to your smartphone through Bluetooth, HidrateMe is able to use the metrics in its analytical software to determine the proper amount of water for you to consume based on things like your weight and activity level. Considering the dire consequences of both failing to drink enough water and drinking too much water, HidrateMe is able to guide you to the proper amount to consume. For those of us who remain active, HidrateMe is able to integrate with current wearable tech so it can consider additional variables, such as: temperature, outside humidity, and even the altitude.

HidrateMe-Smart-Water-Bottle-Team-Staff-Developer-Young-StartUpOn a personal note, I see this product as becoming a staple in my home. As a stay at home Mom, I see two great uses for a product like this. The first is for me currently since I am often running around the house trying to find where my little one has managed to go. During these hectic days, I often forget to stay hydrated and am usually reminded of my duty to drink water only after a headache sets in. However, since I always have my phone with me, I would love the reminders to stay hydrated so I can keep pace with my child.

I also see HidrateMe as being a long-term staple in my home. As my daughter grows up, having a product like this enables me to help teach her about the importance of staying hydrated and how much she should be drinking. Living the desert presents clear challenges to constant hydration, and having her be reminded as she grows up to stay hydrated should help her to stay happy and healthy throughout each day.

Kickstarter: HidrateMe Smart Water Bottle

Photo credit: HidrateMe

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