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Somnox: Pillow Robot for Better Sleep

You might have heard about smartphone apps that can help you sleep better or will monitor your biosignals as you’re asleep but how many pillow robots have you seen before? Somnox tries to be the world’s first robot that is made to improve your sleep. A dream companion if you will. A cuddly pillow and yet you don’t rest your head on it. Curious yet?

This whole idea comes from students at the Delft University, which we frequently cover for interesting innovation.

somnox packshotWhat can the Somnox sleep robot do for you?

This whole idea comes from people who attended the TU Delft, which we frequently cover for interesting innovation. The Somnox pillow bot comes with two primary functions. It helps regulate your breathing frequency by “breathing” in an optimal frequency itself, and therewith stimulating your body to sync up.

The other function is that it plays sounds such as a heartbeat, soothing music, or other files that you upload. All that works together with a smartphone app that lets you control everything better.

How does that help you with your sleep?

If you’re using the Somnox sleep robot you’ll fall asleep faster and also enter deep-sleep phase faster. That will help your body regenerate energy faster as well and by doing that, you have more “efficient” sleep time than you might have without Somnox.

Cuddling a pillow might be something unusual for some but Somnox tries to help people who spend their nights worrying, are unable to fall asleep easily, experience stress and restlessness or suffer from anxiety. After sleeping, Somnox will wake you up in your light sleep phase and by doing so, will irritate your body less than an alarm clock that’s set to a specifics time, without any idea how your body is doing.


Anything else?

The Somnox sleep robot is cute. But it’s also helpful. Based on the info from their Kickstarter campaign, the planned price for this will be approximately $700 once it’s available, sometime in the second half of 2018, and while this is not a cheap gadget to invest in, it might help some of us to get a lot more life quality by helping our sleep. Don’t forget that we humans still sleep around a third of our overall lifetime.

Clearly, this is a new product and there might be future models for this too. Perhaps they could add a warming function for winter time, or what about a massaging function? I also thought that a lot of potential was missed out by not offering a cute design. I’m thinking bunnies and teddy bears here. Perhaps there could have been a wider target group. What do you think? Watch the video below for some more insight!

YouTube: Better Sleep with the Somnox Pillow Robots

Photo credit: Somnox

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