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Using Smartflower to Efficiently Harvest Solar Energy

The use of solar energy has been gaining more traction the past few years for a number of reasons beyond the fact that it is environmentally friendly, such as cost-efficiency in the long run. Several companies have offered solutions to make this more available to both home and business owners, like Smartflower. Back in 2016, we featured the Smartflower concept as part of a list of products with interesting designs, but now we got more news on this interesting solution.

Originally founded in Austria, Smartflower was later acquired by a Boston-based corporation called Energy Management Inc. in 2018. This intelligent solar panel is similar to traditional rooftop systems, but its design is quite different. Instead of installing solar panels on your roof, you can install them as part of your backyard or garden. Since its design is like a flower with petals, it can add to your lawn’s aesthetics.

Image: Solarflower

Smart features

What’s even more unique about this is its intelligent features. Smartflower initially has its solar panels folded, but once the sun rises, the flower comes to life and automatically “blooms.”

It also has an enhanced energy production since it tracks the sun, following the latter throughout the day. This technology is like the heliotropic properties of plants, wherein their movements depend on the sun’s direction. In the same way, the solar panel maximizes solar energy absorption as the panels can adjust their tilt angle towards the sun.

As a result, the company claims that the Solarflower is 40% more efficient compared to other types of solar panels. On top of that, the “petals” close into safety when its innovative safety feature detects strong winds.

Image: Solarflower

You also won’t have to worry about its cleanliness. Its smart cleaning feature sweeps away debris and sediment through its integrated brushes that work when the panels — or petals — fold up when the sun finally sets.

Smartflower may be the right solar energy collector for both businesses and residential areas. Apart from saving money from using energy, the aesthetic of the solar panels can boost your business’ image. It shows that you care for the environment by reducing your business’s carbon footprint. As for residential properties, it is a hassle-free technology to install solar panels. With the Smartflower’s app, you can monitor your energy production.

YouTube: What is a Smartflower?

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