How Can Cloud-Computing Boost Your Business?


What is Cloud-computing? How does it work? What happened in the Cloud technology niche recently?

With this article we try to give an overview about the Cloud itself and provide some insight on how businesses can make use of the Cloud.

The trend of Cloud importance is constantly growing, especially in the past several years. There aren’t enough skilled workers, despite the high demand by companies for cloud computing experts. Those who want to get into the industry and acquire the necessary skills, can enroll in certification programs like those at CloudAcademy for example that offers cloud training and other certifications related to Cloud-computing.

There are innumerable advantages for companies who decide to integrate Cloud-computing systems into their IT and database infrastructure as well. If they can hire the right professionals to maintain and manage these Cloud applications, then the benefits for full Cloud deployment are realized for any business operating in this highly competitive industry.

The evolution of the Internet and the innovative web applications, introduced in the market over the past decade, have completely transformed modern industry; from transport to healthcare, education, government to the home of the general public, they have accelerated the rate at which information is shared and optimized, providing a pool of interdisciplinary knowledge through which businesses from multiple sectors can benefit enormously.

Cloud servers allow you to upload any data. While they are free offerings for small amounts of data (Dropbox, for example, allows up to 2.2 GB for free account users), there is a fee if you go over a determined maximum. Naturally as a business you’d want to pursue service offerings with more data allowance and possibly better features for collaboration.


The most popular Cloud services currently include Google (Google Cloud), Apple (iCloud), Amazon (AWS – Amazon Web Services) Microsoft platforms, Oracle and many others like Dropbox, Box, OpenDrive, SoundCloud, and SafeSync. YouTube and other media solutions (including streaming ones), as well as the video-game industry (online games hosted on Cloud servers) also use this type of technology. This shows the extent to which cloud computing has impacted multiple industrial sectors in the past decade.

Today, innovative applications combined with AI technology have made the Cloud a second home for users, where they can store vast amounts of data on online servers without having to waste computer memory or rely on external hard drives.

They can also upload and share the data across all their digital media devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras and other smart gadgets), which is a key element that has also optimized the organizational make-up of companies in the business world, sparing them the nightmare of bureaucratic time-waste, accelerating the rate at which project-oriented information can be accessed and managed in real-time, by all the company departments, adding innovative skills and expertise to the workforce on top.

In the end, this can speed up the decision-making process and policy implementation—giving the company a competitive edge and allowing them to thrive and expand even in a highly saturated market like the current one. Cloud Infrastructure as a Service providers can relieve a company from the burden of deploying and managing Cloud-computing, and while it may seem inappropriate for some to hand over total control of their data to a third party outside their internal IT team, the main benefit is that they will be assured of complete security protection—supervised and managed by competent professionals in the field—and moreover they will save money and reduce budget costs for training the workforce and their IT team into the main process of Cloud-adoption and deployment.

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An example of one of the most popular cloud services helping businesses worldwide is Amazon (AWS), the fastest growing Cloud service in the world, with over one million users in 190 countries. Thanks to their wide array of web applications, data processing software to manage multiple and massive amounts of data, backup and storage choices with encryption protection, and fully customizable Cloud-based business solutions, they are also a valuable resource for a wide selection of jobs and careers from the IT / hi-tech / telecommunications and other industrial sectors, including government, transport, healthcare and the business world in general.

Software developers, programmers, computer engineers, Cloud and IT architects, business lawyers, medical equipment specialists, automobile manufacturers and even electricians are assured employment in the fast-growing cloud industry. Despite the high demand by companies from multiple industries for skilled Cloud-computing experts, there is a low supply of professionals with the required skills. Those who would like to get more acquainted with cloud training programs and accredited certifications should look into, which has a great selection of courses and degrees that can help you enter the cloud industry or jump-start your career with added expertise.

Photo credit: Sebastiaan ter Burg / UnsplashSasin Tipchai
Source: Dawn Kawamoto (InformationWeek)

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