More Productivity with Slidenjoy: Give Your Laptop 2 Extra Screens


I love working on proper workstations with a setup of multiple displays for your computer. When you’re new to using more than one screen, you always think, what should I ever do with the other screens? But as soon as you start to get productive, you’ll utilize them as if you never worked with less – and you’ll always want more… more! Mooooore screens!

Then, how about laptops? Indeed, you can make use of docking stations and hook them up with a stationary setup, but that’s not really what laptops are there for. You have your laptop so you can be mobile and still work. The counter side to that was that most commonly you have only one display when using a laptop. Whether you’re at home on the couch, in the train, on a plane or in an office with hot seats, you work with that one display, and it sucks. Because you could be more productive instead.

Introducing Le Slide by Slidenjoy

The Belgian startup Slidenjoy worked hard on providing you with both the laptop mobility you love and the productivity of multiple screens. They call it {laptobility} and they mean your “Laptop’s ability to work, play, do whatever you want in a perfect mobility.” How do they do that? Well, they went through a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund their work, and they came up with a screen system that gets attached to your laptop, upgrading it from only one screen to have three monitors to work with.

Your Slide Le Slide Slidenjoy Gadget Multi Screen Laptop Notebook New Startup

So what is it about, in a nutshell? With Le Slide you can add two additional screens to your laptop. The displays can be flipped and turned around in a flexible way too. Whether you’re doing a presentation in a meeting room, being a mass-entertaining DJ, gaming with that much extra space, or just an enthusiastic power user, you’re very likely going to enjoy this new kind of experience.

So, what does it cost?

It’s not a cheap system, I’d agree to that, but considering this solution includes two displays and everything to make it work, I find it to be a fair offering. When comparing to other solutions, make sure take that into account. Many different solutions that sell something like this are merely mounts and holding systems to place your phone or tablet there – those are not actual screen extensions.

The regular kit starts at €349 (~$429) with three different sizes and nine different colors to choose from. They also have more pricey versions, but I thought the regular one looks already nice. You can check out all the different versions on their website. What do you think about this gadget? Going for Le Slide? Let us know in the comments below!

Update: Based on the feedback of several backers and comments on this article, it appears that many are unhappy with the campaign, as the product has not been delivered in a long time. We have not received feedback from the company either so proceed with caution.

YouTube: Le Slide: We did it!

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Editorial notice: In response to feedback from backers of this project we have added an update to the article on the 14th of March. Offensive comments with foul language had been removed.

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