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Former Slidenjoy Startup Starts Shipping Slide-Out Monitors, Reveals Update on Rebranding

A few years ago, we wrote a story on a startup called Slidenjoy and their display that allows you to have two additional screens for your laptop. It initially had a successful Kickstarter campaign with $10 million worth of pre-orders. However, it was met with criticism as backers were unable to receive the product.

The team behind this project admitted that this would have been more suitable if the likes of Asus or Lenovo had done it since they developed the product from scratch. Now, with the company rebranding itself as Portabl and after over 18 months of silence, they finally reveal what happened to their project.

Image: Portabl

Overcoming problems

The Portabl team stated that their former partner stole their project from them after paying the invoice of €400,000. They’ve been unfortunate victims of infringement, and while they had the option to file a case against this, they decided to start over in secrecy with Slide and make things better.

This meant that Portabl had to start back in the beginning again, from finding a new factory during the height of the pandemic to financing the parts for Slide in the midst of a shortage in electronic components like video cards. Aside from surmounting financial difficulties, they are currently in the middle of an infringement case made against them in New York.

Nevertheless, Portabl was able to receive the first shipment of their product. During the beginning of this month, the team has traveled across six countries in Europe just hand-delivering the Slide to their first customers.

Image: Portabl

According to the team, the Slide is the only mass-produced electronic/hardware gadget in the world that can be hyper-customizable. All of its colors, coatings, and finishes may be tailored to fit the image of any company, allowing its employees to see a new high-quality visual area that has never been seen before produced exclusively from premium materials. No wonder Portabl has attracted interest and orders from large organizations like NASA, Harvard, and Amazon, to name a few.

Over the past few days, customers have been posting their first tests, evaluations, and unboxing videos on social media, revealing an excellent user experience. If you are one of those who have been skeptical before but would need something like Slide, then this might be your chance to get into it. The device will set you back €499 if you decide to purchase the regular one, while the colored monitors will cost you €599.

YouTube: Slide – Triple Portabl Monitor for your laptop

Photo credit: The images used are owned by Portabl and have been provided for press usage.

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