SiYi Intelligence Completes Pre-A Financing Round, Building Global Intelligent Soft Robotic Rehabilitation System


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Recently, one of the leading rehabilitation robot enterprises, SiYi Intelligence, completes a Pre-A financing round led by Tao Capital. It is reported that this round of financing is mainly used to accelerate the upgrade and expansion of stroke rehabilitation robotic products and accelerate the improvement of rehabilitation efficiency.

Since established in 2017, SiYi Intelligence has been rooted in the exploration of the stroke rehabilitation robot market, which applies the most cutting-edge soft exoskeleton technology to rehabilitation. So far, it has obtained more than 30 exclusive patents, participated in a number of national-level scientific and technological projects, and has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise.

Robotics to heal

SiYi Intelligence has launched SyreboTM Soft rehabilitation robotic system series products, which combined with flexible robotic technology and neuroscience theory, provides patients with multiple training modes: active & passive integration, assisted, mirroring, and active games training, helping and promoting the recovery of brain nerve damage, and speed up the recovery process of hands, comprehensively covering from the soft paralysis period to the recovery period.

SiYi Intelligence has also launched professional rehabilitation products for personal, trying to build a full-cycle rehabilitation system from hospitals to communities and families, with which therapists are able to set up personalized rehabilitation prescriptions remotely, and users can do training at home.

“This is a full-cycle rehabilitation concept. We are not just simply providing a device, but creating a full-cycle closed-loop service.” Gavin Yin said, the founder and CEO of SiYi Intelligence.

SiYi Intelligence Completes Pre-A Financing Round, Building Global Intelligent Soft Robotic Rehabilitation System - Split
Image: SiYi Intelligence

The EasyWalk® — China’s soft lower limb exoskeleton combines bionic structural design and artificial intelligence control algorithms. The AI algorithm can adapt to the needs of the wearer and provide the best assistance strategy. It allows the wearer to say goodbye to cumbersomeness and uncomfortableness. In the future, it will be a life assistant for patients with stroke, spinal paralysis, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and the elderly.

Tech for good

SiYi Intelligence is committed to scientific as well as technological innovation and has been leading and supporting the common progress of the international rehabilitation robot field. It has a cutting-edge team with rich medical robotic research experience. For the needs of medical clinical applications, SiYi Intelligence has established long-term cooperative relations with Shanghai Huashan Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and other clinical institutions to develop products that have real clinical application value and can really help patients and doctors.

Up to now, SyreboTM Soft robotic rehabilitation glove series have been obtained US FDA certification, EU CE certification, and China NMPA certification.

Since 2020, SiYi Intelligence has gradually developed in-depth cooperation with many rehabilitation institutions and clinical hospitals in Europe. At the 2021 IGF Shanghai International Geriatric-Rehabilitation Forum, SiYi Intelligence and Poland neurological professor jointly discussed topics related to hand function rehabilitation, and also has developed cooperation with the British Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital, Hobbs Rehabilitation Center, Italian Manus Brescia Rehabilitation Center to test the clinical effect for patients.

SiYi Intelligence Completes Pre-A Financing Round, Building Global Intelligent Soft Robotic Rehabilitation System - Grid
Image: SiYi Intelligence

“Affected by the epidemic, many rehabilitation centers have accumulated lots of patients waiting for rehabilitation. This kind of robotic gloves have made up for the lack of hand function rehabilitation training in Europe and effectively saved the staffing cost of therapists.” a leading representative of a European rehabilitation agency said.

“Our partnership with Tao Capital inspires and strengthens our determination to build consumer-grade rehabilitation robots to connect hospitals and families.” Gavin Yin, the founder said.

“We hope that more stroke patients can receive full-cycle, scientific rehabilitation training and truly achieve personalized and precise rehabilitation for everyone. We look forward to the next stage of our journey, together with our partners.”

YouTube: Hand Rehab After Stroke: Hand Function Rehabilitation System

YouTube: Soft Robotic Lower Exoskeleton for Rehabilitation: Easywalk 1

Photo credit: All images shown are owned by SiYi Intelligence and were provided to us for being used in this report.

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