Siemens Digitalizes Electrical Planning with Control Panel Design



In this modern world, we are revolving around making things closer to perfection by making them digitalized. Most of the challenges you may face regarding building and engineering electrical plant.

The current trend is growing towards digitalization which is keeping Siemens stay ahead of the game. They are more into digitalize manufacturing to transform the process with the integration of new electrical planning improvising the TIA Selection Tool to evolve the Control Panel Design.

Digitalizing the manufacturing process

Siemens is creating a digital thread with the Control Panel Design by accumulating a digital twin. This comprehensive process emphasizes the operations to be perfect from the planning session. To run an efficient manufacturing plant, the electrical pre-planning will enhance digitalized processing. This is because the plants need to be linked with products, operations, and resources according to the configuration and ordering software. The digital twin can also stimulate the manufacturing process to make sure to have an error-free production with room for continuous improvement.

Siemens Electrical Planning

Such digitalization has some benefits in plant engineering and machine building process. Electrical planners can create designs based on the dimension of the actual electrical component. It intensifies the working process following IEC and UL standards. The task becomes easier and the control panel builders can improve their competency as well.

With the accumulation of the TIA Selection Tool, it makes the configuration and assumptions of industrial components convenient for the industrial control panels. Certain changes in industries make the foundation efficient in the development process and provide smarter solutions with a faster lead time for industrial environments.

Apart from electrical planning, you can also use a certain tool to design mechanical and automation components only using a set of data and a platform. Siemens has already started supporting Volkswagen to develop their electric car production and provided charging infrastructure for electric buses in New Zealand. They are even moving forward with Zeta to transform pharmaceuticals digitally throughout the world.

CEO of Electrical Products at Siemens Smart Infrastructure, Andreas Matthé thinks that the increasing automation along with the rising demand for flexibility, availability, and energy efficiency makes it complicated to balance according to the requirements in machine and control panel manufacturing. The evolution of digitalized plant engineering can put ease into this complicacy. He said, “Control Panel Design is a small revolution in electrical planning. The software allows machine and control panel builders to make their value chain significantly more economical through digitalization.”

Standardizing electrical planning with easy accessibility

The planning session requires to have efficiency and effectiveness which makes the door for digitalization wide open. The digitalization in planning will take down the cost to half and will be faster, safer, easier, and error-free. Therefore, Siemens has been incorporated Control Panel Design in the TIA Selection Tool.

Manufacturing a machine needs research and planning of electrical components with corresponding information. The software provides the guideline to the planner based on the configuration and parameters. Thus, protection and switching components are necessary and TIA Selection Tool supports the Siemens portfolio for the IEC and UL markets. By the completion of the planning, the technical data and calculation results include the data under IEC 61439-1.

Engineering, designing, documenting expenses, electrical planning, component selections, cross-section calculation, short-circuit current, etc. are time-consuming tasks that are mostly done manually. The TIA Selection Tool facilitates visual planning of mechanical, electrical, and automation in a single platform. This is how Siemens Smart Infrastructure has made the planning session more effective in maintaining the standards.

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