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Risks and Benefits of Artificial Intelligence [Video]

Why You Shouldn’t Fear Artificial Intelligence

In this video Trace Dominguez of DNews is talking about the potential benefits and risks of artificial intelligence. He picked some interesting examples to support his case but the question really is on how you define artificial intelligence or AI. If AI depends on the values entered by human programmers, one might not consider it artificial intelligence but running a program and choosing from predefined values.

If you would say that AI is the result of singularity, it would mean that the artificial intelligence is thinking about decisions and creates choices that might differentiate from a programmed routine, based on unknown preferences. This is a highly theoretical discussion and traditional risk management can not be applied. Most likely AI could solve important problems to help humans, but after an event of singularity, would the AI be interested in helping humans? Check out his clip on YouTube below and let us know of your opinion.

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