SITS15: Buckle up, This Is the ITSM Event to Go To


What Is SITS About?

SITS-Logo-2015-Olympia-London-UK-ITSM-Event-Show-Service-Desk-IT-Support-ITIL-Keynote-SeminarSITS is an annual 2-day exhibition and conference with more than 4,000 IT Professionals attending every year. If you are in any way involved in IT Service Management (ITSM) or business IT, this is certainly “the must attend event” for you. The event takes place at Olympia London which has been open to facilitate public tradeshows and other events since 1886!

SITS is the single greatest event if you would like to discover cutting edge and disruptive IT tools, hear the latest insights about future skills required for modern IT management and leadership. Also, if you like to networking and establish meaningful new connections with people who understand you and your everyday challenges, SITS really is THE place to be this summer.

“It’s crucial to attend SITS to keep up to date with the latest products and services and to stay ahead of the game in all aspects of IT Service Management and Service Delivery”

Why You Should Be at SITS15

This year about 70 of the world’s leading IT software suppliers, consultants, trainers and other service providers will be on hand to discuss your IT challenges and answer all your questions in an informal yet informative setting. Getting face-to-face with such a large volume and wide variety ITSM suppliers in a single day is a very rare opportunity for any IT service manager, so taking advantage of the vast exhibition at SITS is highly recommended.

There are going to be over 50 free-to-attend seminars, keynotes and breakfast briefings all separated into the four categories “Case Study”, “Outcomes”, “People” and “Process”. There are a lot of amazing speakers from inspiring companies and they brought some really cool subjects to talk about. I definitely recommend you to check out the overview of seminars and keynotes.


Last year’s SITS was named one of the best ever by attendees, you should make sure to check out this year’s event because it might even get better than that. If you feel a bit curious about it now, why don’t you have a look at our recently published video feature for the SITS15?

Seminars and Keynotes

SITS15 hosts some really great speakers. The keynotes on the first day are covered by Stephen Mann, Wolter Smit and Karen Ferris, who also previously published a great article on TechAcute. The second day is covered by David Wheable, David Johnson, Jarod Greene and the day is concluded by Noel Bruton.

There is also a great number of amazing seminars to choose from. There are always 3 different seminars running at the same time so make sure to prepare a proper schedule for yourself on the subjects most interesting to you. Please find the overview for both days with filtering function on the seminar page.


Now you might be trying to find a catch to the “pricing” but you can’t find it? This is because SITS is completely FREE to attend.  SITS has been running for over 20 years now and the Europe’s largest free-to-attend ITSM event, and has truly proved itself to be the most important and ‘must see’ event in the global market today.

Even flying in from Europe, because entry to SITS is free – with just flights and hotels to consider – SITS in London is going to cost your organisation less than a similar ticket conference hosted within your own country!

This year the SITS15 takes place on the 3rd and 4th of June in London so you better clear your calendar and register now for free.

We also did an Interview with several of the great SITS key people and are going to publish it soon here on TechAcute so stay tuned for more #SITS15 news.

Photo credit: Diversified Communications

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