SinkTwice: Toilet Faucet? An Innovative Way to Conserve Water!


Water is very much essential to every living organism on earth. We can’t live without water; it hydrates our body which is made of approximately 60% water. We also use it to clean the house, to wash dishes, for cooking, and of course in our bathroom.

An average person consumes about 80-100 gallons per day. A large portion of this is used in flushing the toilet every day. SinkTwice was able to find a way to reduce the water being consumed in our bathrooms using an innovation called Toilet Lid Sink.

Think twice and buy the SinkTwice

SinkTwice is a toilet lid that doubles as a sink where you can wash your hands, brush your teeth or basically do what you usually do in a regular drain. After you have used the water, it stocks up on the toilet tank that you can then use to flush your toilet.

A SinkTwice unit when installed

Convenient, space-saving, conserves water and reduces your water bill every month. To install the SinkTwice toilet lid sink is simple, just follow this link for details on the steps.

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SinkTwice Toilet Lid Sink features:

  • Saves water
  • Space Saver
  • Detects toilet leaks
  • Automatically turns on when you put your hand near the faucet
  • Soap dish installed for any type of soap
  • No plumber needed for installation

SinkTwice toilet lid sink fits on any toilet tank, which is very much convenient because you don’t need to buy another expensive toilet to have it installed. And if you have a small space like a dormitory or an apartment, this toilet lid sink is very much convenient and would definitely fit your lifestyle.

Dimensions of the SinkTwice

Pricing and purchasing details

This toilet sink is available in Amazon for a reasonable price of about $79.00 right now, and if the regular toilet lid sink does not fit your existing toilet tank, they have an available expansion kit for sale separately.

To purchase this product and for further details regarding the product, you can check out their Amazon product page.

Do you have any comments regarding the product? Please let us know down the comments below.

YouTube: Introducing Sink Twice

Photo credit: All images shown are owned by SinkTwice.

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Xz Jopillo
Xz Jopillo
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A really interesting product for saving water and money, also great for small bathrooms. It could be a bit cheaper but in summary, it's a solid product that fits most toilet installations.SinkTwice: Toilet Faucet? An Innovative Way to Conserve Water!