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Swiss Startup Droople Measures Water to Unlock Saving Potential

Droople is a Swiss startup that is dedicated to preserving water. They offer concrete water management solutions, including hardware and software, which ensure water quality and real-time insights at any point of use. Their mission is to contribute to the global goal of preserving water, using smart tools and information technology to improve the way people use, conserve and value water. The company is committed to helping people save water, and they have a variety of products that can help you do just that.

Headshot CEO Ramzi Bouzerda
Droople CEO Ramzi Bouzerda (image: Droople)

In 2018, in Puidoux, Vaud, Switzerland, Droople was founded as a cleantech startup by Ramzi Bouzerda, who is still the CEO of the company. He shares the story of how he got the idea for the solution when he was preparing the bottle for his baby son two years earlier when he was wondering why a faucet in 2016 still can’t provide the exact amount of water for preparing the bottle. This thought led him to work on a device that would solve this problem and, in addition to that, help to preserve unused water that went straight to the drain.

What does the Droople solution look like?

In order to achieve their goals of preserving water and unlocking resource-saving potential, Droople combines software and hardware to create a solution that is interesting for everyone who pays for water and energy. It depends on how well the company can scale the demand, but in theory, this type of solution is relevant for B2B, in facility management, as well as in a B2C market, where normal consumers want to modernize their homes. The hardware components consist of various IoT devices such as sensors to check flow rate, temperature, and conductivity, as well as communication modules to transmit data and a gateway that can communicate with the Droople cloud.

Droople Hardware
iLink communication module on the left and flow-rate sensor on the right (image: Droople)

The Water Intelligence Platform is the software counterpart of the Droople offering that can receive data from various sensors that are connected to the gateway and not only display data in a useful way but also interpret usage information which helps you to spot positive and negative trends, which a user can then act on. As far as commercial usage goes, this would also support a preventive maintenance use case by predicting the status of related appliances based on water consumption and usage. Such enablement can be seen based on other IoT sensors and software combinations as well. Still, Droople has an interesting positioning here in the market due to its focus on water utilization.

Droople iLink Dashboard
Droople iLink Dashboard (image: Droople)

All in all, this appears to be a good approach to enabling companies to save water and reduce unnecessary resource consumption, to not only save money but equally to preserve water as the precious resource that it is. Beyond that, I hope that Droople will also think about similar solutions that could also be used by consumers in the future. I’m confident that the amount of unused and wasted water in our homes all over the globe is significant and worth improving.

YouTube: About Droople

Photo credit: The feature image is symbolic and has been done by Tommaso Colia. All other images are owned by Droople and were made available for press usage.

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