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Autowater Pro is an advanced water filter system designed to fit any faucet in any household. It can be operated hands-free which means you don’t have to touch your faucet valve to turn it on. When we cook, our hands get contaminated with all types of bacteria and germs present in meat, vegetables or fruits, even dirty dishes.

We tend to turn the valve on with our contaminated hands which transfer the dirt to the valve and then after washing, we close it again. So our hands remain contaminated. This product ensures that your hand will be washed and cleaned from germs and bacteria from objects you have handled in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

What is Autowater Pro?

A water filter designed for normal faucets we have at home and make them a smart and hands-free device. It has a built-in sensor on the left side of the device which allows a simple gesture like swiping your hand upward activates the faucet and swiping downwards deactivates it. This feature allows the valve to be germ-free.

It also has a sensor at the bottom allowing you to quickly wash produce you bought and to just quickly rinse your hands. This economical device has an activated carbon fiber filter that is said to filter 100% of all contaminants passing through your faucet. Each filter can last for about 3 months and can purify 1000 liters of water before it gets blocked by impurities from the water. Filters are sold separately for $10 for 3 pcs.

Autowater Pro features:

  • 12-month battery life
  • MagSafe charger, a type of charger which is magnetically connected so if it gets tugged it does not damage the connector or the power socket
  • Two form factors for kitchen and bathroom
  • Nightlight for use in a dark environment
  • Conserve up to 60% of water
  • Durable and reliable

What does an activated carbon fiber filter do?

It is an absorbent material that has a high porosity and large surface area. It is commonly used in a lot of filtering applications such as air purification, water purification, and water treatment. It is also being used on gas masks and respirators as an air filter. Benefits of Activated Carbon Fiber:

  • It absorbs organic chemicals
  • It purifies at the molecular level
  • It absorbs chlorine
  • It improves water taste
  • It makes your water safe for drinking
  • Compromise in water flow becomes zero

How to setup Autowater Pro?

Autowater Pro has 6 different connectors, which allow the device to be installed in any type of faucet you have in your kitchen or bathroom. Just attach the connector and then snap in your Autowater Pro. You will know if you have successfully installed it when you hear a click sound and you are good to go. So why choose Autowater Pro?

  • Touchless activation
  • Small burst
  • Water purification
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Cost efficient

Device Specifications:

  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Water outflow: 5-6 liters
  • Battery: 140mAh rechargeable Li-On battery
  • Battery life: 365 days
  • Dimensions: 58.4mm x 55mm x 77mm (kitchen unit)
  • 90.9mm x 54.8mm x 69.6mm (bathroom unit)
  • Weight: 476g (kitchen unit)
  • 526g (bathroom unit)

This project started as an idea last January 2017 by a group of designers and engineers with a vision to make the washing experience healthy and innovative. The Autowater Pro makes your ordinary faucet at home a simple, safe and smart device perfect for a more modern life.

You can check their product at their Kickstarter link here or their homepage here. Starting price for 1 Autowater Pro is about $69 per unit. They have an offer called “Super early bird” offer and is now sold out. The offer includes 1 Autowater Pro (either a kitchen or bathroom setup) and 3 filters. They also offered a $129 package (also sold out) which provides for 2 Autowater Pro (either a kitchen or bathroom setup) and 6 filters. They launched the device last April 2018 as a Kickstarter campaign after undergoing a series of research and development. They will start shipping the devices worldwide by July 2018.

So, how do you like this gadget? Would you purchase one for your home? Let us know what you think and drop a comment below!

YouTube: AutoWater Pro: Safest Touchless Water Filtration Faucet
Photo credit: All images and animations used in this article are all owned by Autowater Pro.
Source: Referenced Kickstarter page / Autowater Pro website / Motoyuki Suzuki (ScienceDirect)

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