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Instant: Simplifying the Checkout Process for Your Customers

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Over 2 billion people globally made an online purchase in 2020. That’s a huge market for ecommerce retailers – but how do you maximize its revenue opportunities? Data scraping for ecommerce can help you manufacture targeted products and the right marketing is also pivotal in these cases. However, if a customer has reached your website through your chosen channel but the clicks aren’t translating into purchases as much as you’re hoping, marketing is of little help.

Whatever the reason may be, businesses may be missing out on a lot of revenue as a result. It’s worth considering a way to smooth out the process. A Canadian startup Instant (formerly known as Gaze) offers a possible solution to that.

Checkout made simple

Statistics tell us that in March 2020 alone, 88% of carts were abandoned and the orders weren’t completed and these abandoned carts result in an $18bn revenue loss each year. It could be because the ordering process is inefficient, or too complicated.

If customers have to repeatedly fill out their details, it takes up their precious time which is so important in this busy era. Instant eliminates this tedious step. Taus Noor and his team launched the solution just last April. It is a one-click AI checkout solution for ecommerce platforms.

A first-time user of a platform enabled with this solution fills out a short form with only four fields at checkout, but returning users get one-click checkout. Once registered, users don’t have to deal with frustrating lengthy forms, password requests, redirects, etc.

According to Noor, the platform is the company’s focus in the short term, but that’ll expand as they add more integrations. The solution is integrated with Stripe payment provider, thus all of its security features apply. Instant is currently available for all users of WooCommerce and can schedule a demo.

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