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Intel’s Conservation Efforts Restore 1 Billion Gallons of Water

During Earth Day, Intel announced its ongoing water conservation project recently reached 1 billion gallons of water restored. This was a part of Intel’s multiple ongoing global water conservation projects. In their short press release, the company explained how important water conservation is for them and the rest of the world.

The importance of water conservation

Intel believes that climate change greatly affects water availability. The stress due to the current COVID-19 pandemic only heightens this ongoing problem. Companies that have the resources to help out their communities are of even more importance now.

While some places experience horrific floods, others deal with intense water scarcity or pollution. This leads to a range of problems for the community which includes lack of drinking water, inability to irrigate plants, and lowered sanitation. Intel has been working to conserve and restore its water usage around the globe. Their restored water is then recycled back into surrounding communities.

Intel’s restoration efforts

The large tech company has been working on water conservation efforts for decades. Yet, Intel ramped up its efforts in 2017, where the company made the goal to restore 100% of its global water usage.

Although they have not reached 100%, Intel says that it’s able to restore 80% of their water consumption. Evaporation or plant irrigation makes up the rest of the 20%. Aside from that, Intel has also started new projects across the US to make efforts in lessening the remaining 20% via irrigation improvements, lake restoration, and much more.

The company says that new projects being created that will get the company to 100% water restoration in a couple of years. Intel hopes that their efforts inspire other large companies to join in on helping water conservation and restoration. If you wish to learn more, check out Intel’s website for information on their goal towards water restoration.

YouTube: Intel-Supported Projects Restore 1 Billion Gallons of Water

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