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Autonomous Robot SeaClear Cleans the Ocean Floor [Video]

The oceans are a natural treasure but humans haven’t always done their best to keep them clean. Due to the sheer size of the oceans and the enormous labor that would need to be invested, automated solutions for cleaning are very interesting for addressing this particular problem.

Only a few days ago TU Delft has released their latest video footage featuring the autonomous SeaClear robotic system. Bart De Schutter, professor at Delft Centre for Systems and Control, comments in a press release: “Our objective is to operate the robots autonomously, without remote human intervention, and to that end, we plan novel developments in debris mapping, classification, and robot control. When fully operational, the SeaClear system aims to detect and classify underwater litter with 80% success rate, and to collect it with a 90% success rate.”

YouTube: TU Delft – SeaClear – Autonomous robot system picks up litter from the ocean floor

Photo credit: The feature image is owned by TU Delft and the SeaClear project.

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