How to Get a Circular Profile Picture with Border in 9 Easy Steps


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A little while ago, all major social networks started to change the standard for user profile images from a square to a circular shape. This certainly took some getting used to, and while it was undoubtedly easier to adopt for individuals with photos than for companies with a rectangular brand logo, it still took a lot of effort to rework everybody’s brands.

By now, you possibly managed to make a decent shot that allows for your face to be properly shown in your new round profile image on social media, but is there a way to stand out more? Is there a way to add some more style to this? Following the example of Instagram, where they give you a colorful frame (border) around your circular profile image when you have a new  Instagram Story uploaded for others to watch, it also makes for a nice appeal to add a sort of frame to your regular round user images.

How to make your own circular profile picture with custom border design?

Now how to make your own round profile photo with custom frame design without paying for it and without the aid of any software that you’d have to install first? Here’s a quick tutorial with nine steps for you to help you through the process.

  1. Open the Circular Profile Picture Maker website.
  2. Scroll down and upload the image that you’d like to use.
  3. Position the photo with drag and drop until it’s in position.
  4. Configure border and frame thickness, offset, and opacity first.
  5. Choose between a solid color for the border or gradient design.
  6. Add a filter if you like one of the offered presets.
  7. Click on “download.”
  8. Choose between uncompressed PNG or compressed JPG.
  9. Give it a file name and download it.

You’re all set now. I would recommend you to use source photos with a high resolution and save your new circular profile photo with frame and border in uncompressed PNG file format for best quality. Still, you can also download it as compressed JPG, in case the target platform allows only JPG files.

Example of how this could look

How to Get a Circular Profile Picture with Border in 9 Easy Steps Tutorial Online Web Browser Tool Free Guide Social Media Icons Image Photo Editor
A selfie with a gradient color combination and a bit of transparency.

You can also do this with logos for your company, in case you’d like your icon to stand out a little bit more on social media. Just make sure you get the right color tone from your marketing department or style guide. You can choose the exact color, not with a HEX code, but with an RGB color picker. If you have only the HEX code, you can use the HEX to RGB online tool to convert the codes as needed. This should also work on your smartphone or tablet, but it might be more comfortable to do it on a desktop or laptop computer.

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There are other free web tools and online generators for your browser or even apps for this, but I found this one to be the most functional and most appealing one to use. If you know other tools that also do this, feel invited to share them below in the comments and let us know why you like them. Go ahead and try this for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok – you name it. Especially in a professional space like LinkedIn, it’s important to have a good profile picture and for that, it’s handy to make use of LinkedIn profile picture tips. It might be not right on your first try, but you can simply save different versions and give them a try. Have fun!

Photo credit: The source for the feature image has been done by Dan.

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