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Here’s a New Book about Body Positivity and Health

Health is a kind of good that we cannot buy, no matter how wealthy we are. You can perhaps buy treatment or pay doctors for their fixing attempts, but prevention is the best path to health and happiness in my opinion.

The unreal people

Many media outlets are contributing to a distorted perception of beauty and health. I am sure that many of these are not meaning anything wrong by it, but photoshopping models in a way that is just not real can lead young people to think that they should look like these front cover people or like their favorite Instagram icon, who might have edited their photos before posting them. It can make them feel bad about their own body if they don’t look alike, even if they are healthy and just fine and by that can cause problems to them and the way they grow up.

The Body Positive Guide For Girls Learning to Love Your Body

The Re-Shape team is now doing a Kickstarter campaign to get their body-positive guide for girls Learning to Love Your Body funded and published. This is perhaps not a matter of technology but enabling girls to grow into healthy adults is important and a worthy cause. Some might argue that boys could feel left out, but from all I know, boys are a little less impacted by such issues. Perhaps there will be a gender-neutral release in the future if this first one is successful.

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You’re just fine the way you are

Jessica Sanders is the Re-Shape founder and author of this upcoming book. On their website, she states, “Learning to Love Your Body is my first project, but it definitely won’t be my last. I founded ‘Re-shape Social Enterprises’ to act as my vessel for future projects, community building, and activism; all with the ultimate goal of nurturing self-love, self-acceptance, and self-confidence in girls. I want to invite you to join me in my mission to promote these three fundamental values by becoming a part of the ‘re-shape’ community.”

self-care poster The Body Positive Guide For Girls Learning to Love Your Body

The book development will further be supported by Carol Rossetti, who will be the illustrator, as well as Steph Spartels, who will take care of design matters. If you want to learn more about the project and the mission behind it, feel invited to check out their Kickstarter crowdfunding site right now or watch the embedded introduction video below. If you decide to support them, you can get a copy of their book Learning to Love Your Body starting at $12.

What do you think about the campaign? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this matter. Just drop us a comment below or share your thoughts on social media.

YouTube: The Body Positive Guide For Girls

Photo credit: All the images and illustrations have been provided be Re-Shape for press usage.

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