Ready for Halloween: Tech for You and Your Spoopy Friends


It’s that time of year again folks; bats and black cats, witches and wizards, skulls and crows. That’s right, Halloween is on its way!

We love our gadgets and spooky holiday cheer, so I figured hey, why not mix the two? Turns out there is an entire world of fun and festive spooktastic gadgets on the market just waiting to be purchased by folks like us. Do you know what that means?

Window shopping! Come along with me to take a peek at some fun and geeky gadgets that go bump in the night. It should be quite a fright. Let’s jump right into our list, shall we?

  1. Animated Mystic Wheel

The first item on our list is the animatronic mystic divining wheel. This sound-and-motions activated wheel will respond to your questions which is a great addition to any seance or mystery party.

2. Spooky Purple Light Show

Next up is the beautiful yet spooky purple light protection. With this baby, you can create amazing effects like ice and fire right in your own front room. For an even more festive display, set them in your lawn and light your house up with a positively spooky illumination.

3. Jack-O’-Lantern Lighted Garland

Following the lighting theme, I just couldn’t pass up these cute and fun jack-o-lantern hanging lights. You can hang them practically anywhere with a plug and give the room just the right mood for that fall harvest festival. I just can’t get over the little faces. Besides, what’s Halloween without jack-o’-lanterns, am I right?

4. Scary Halloween Mask

Now let’s move on from the cute and quirky to something positively spooky. These limited run LED masks are not only spooky when worn while you’re dead center of an uncanny valley, but with limited numbers they are a must-have for any horror enthusiasts. These masks are flying off the shelves and are only available for a short time, so grab one while you can.

5. Remote Control Tarantula

There are few things that bring more terror than the idea of a creepy, crawly, vicious spider. This remote control tarantula is sure to raise some hair. Just imagine zipping it across the floor and watching people leap out of the way as they shriek in terror.

6. Zombie Corpse Prop

Do you like Halloween a little more on the scary side? Do you want to watch children and the weak-kneed run in terror before your very eyes? Me too. So for this final entry, I picked this charming example of fear and terror personified.

This animatronic zombie looks like it has seen better days for sure; it reminds me of my favorite scene in the movie The Return of the Living Dead. Ahhh, brains! What can I say? I’m a zombie fanatic, and this is the perfect addition to any haunted house, horror party, or morning brunch.

Well folks, that’s about all from me. On behalf of everyone here at TechAcute, I would like to wish you a happy Halloween and a good harvest this month. Goodnight, sleep tight and don’t let the vampires bite. 🧛

Photo credits: The feature image has been done by Julia Raasch.

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Daniel Bennett
Daniel Bennett
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