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Twitter API to No Longer Support Free Access

On February 1, 2023, Twitter announced via...

Testing Out Fieldsheer’s Adventure Heated Jacket [Review]

I used to live in northern New Hampshire where it's bitter cold in the winter and there is a saying among people who spend a lot of time in below 0 weather, "You sweat, Ya die."

My PS4 Got Bricked by an Update and Sony Hasn’t Said a Word

It's all true and they haven't said a word...

Metafy: Great Gaming Through Great Training

"I did find a few coaches covering some of the classics."

Amazon Studios Introduces New Inclusion Policy and Playbook

On June 16, 2021, Amazon Studios released...

Experience a New Way to Enjoy Wine at Home With Vinotok

"There is a reason why wine tends to taste better when served at a restaurant by a trained sommelier."

Have Your Name as Part of Mars History

NASA has plenty of missions planned with Mars in mind for the future and you and I can be apart of some of those missions.

OnlyTweets Puts a Paywall in Front of Your Tweets

"I would say OnlyTweets is not a replacement for but a supplement to standard Twitter revenue."

MIT Discovers Method for Bio-Printing Plant Tissue

The ability to grow wood and wood type mediums already formed for their specific use would drastically reduce waste and byproducts such as sawdust or offcuts.