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Testing Out Fieldsheer’s Adventure Heated Jacket [Review]

I used to live in northern New Hampshire where it's bitter cold in the winter and there is a saying among people who spend a lot of time in below 0 weather, "You sweat, Ya die."

My PS4 Got Bricked by an Update and Sony Hasn’t Said a Word

It's all true and they haven't said a word...

Metafy: Great Gaming Through Great Training

"I did find a few coaches covering some of the classics."

Amazon Studios Introduces New Inclusion Policy and Playbook

On June 16, 2021, Amazon Studios released...

Experience a New Way to Enjoy Wine at Home With Vinotok

"There is a reason why wine tends to taste better when served at a restaurant by a trained sommelier."

Have Your Name as Part of Mars History

NASA has plenty of missions planned with Mars in mind for the future and you and I can be apart of some of those missions.

OnlyTweets Puts a Paywall in Front of Your Tweets

"I would say OnlyTweets is not a replacement for but a supplement to standard Twitter revenue."

MIT Discovers Method for Bio-Printing Plant Tissue

The ability to grow wood and wood type mediums already formed for their specific use would drastically reduce waste and byproducts such as sawdust or offcuts.

Smart Lamp Nobi Helps Residents after a Bad Fall

"If a fall is particularly bad, a resident might end up in hospital - or worse.