5 Geeky Gadgets and You Know You Want Them


Are you looking for some cool new gift ideas for your tech buddies or maybe you want to make your life easier with a small investment? Here are some cool gadget ideas that you can purchase right now!

Credit Card Lightbulb

The Credit Card Lightbulb is a really interesting product that you can add in your credit card spot in your wallet but it also adds up a new feature in the form of actually offering you the possibility to light the place near you. It’s a solid investment if you want a funny little device with some neat features and interesting ideas!

Star Trek Electronic Door Chime

The legendary Electronic Door Chime from Star Trek is actually a solid product for those that love the classics. It integrates a nice way to re-feel the Star Trek chime each time someone comes at your door and you are bound to enjoy the great experience that this delivers in the end. You are free to place it near the door and it will also let you know when someone comes near the threshold. It’s a great investment for sure and one that you will like if you enjoyed the original series. The design is stunning as well.

Tactical BBQ Fork

Want to ‘cue your food with style? Try the TGX Tactical BBQ Fork, with flashlight & laser sight, is an interesting and visually stunning program. While the laser doesn’t really have any purpose other than being funny, the overall visuals are really nice and the product is also very sturdy as a whole so you will love using it for sure. The great thing about this BBQ fork is that it’s very easy to carry around despite having the laser installed on it, something that does add some convenience to actually using the product. ThinkGeek TGX Tactical BBQ Fork runs on batteries so you do need to have some ready.

Knight Rider Kitt USB Car Charger

Lots of people liked Knight Rider so having a Knight Rider Kitt USB Car Charger is definitely a dream come true. It does add that nostalgia feeling that you might want to get from such a product and the outcome is nothing short of impressive to say the least. It’s not a large product in fact it’s quite small but the end result is amazing and that’s what matters the most. Just check out this tool if you want to get USB support, the amazing signature voice and 11 different audio phrases from the TV show. If you were a fan of Knight Rider then this is a no brainer!

Tactical Lunch Box Kit

The Tactical Lunch Box Kit is one of the coolest things ever because not only does it help you protect your snacks and other items efficiently, it also looks amazing and it offers a great design all around. The durability comes from the use of great and reliable materials but this doesn’t stop there. The Tactical Lunch Box Kit also manages to offer a back pouch and zipper closings that make dealing with any issues faster, refined and a lot easier!

In conclusion, all of these can be some really good products to purchase so if you are unsure what gifts to get for your friend you should check these out. Inexpensive but very good, these are the ultimate tools that you can use and the outcome will be nothing short of amazing!

Photo credit: Respective manufacturers and vendors of the gadgets / ThinkGeek

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