Ragnarok M: Eternal Love – Revisit Ragnarok Online on Your Smartphone [Review]


Ragnarok Online was first launched way back in 2002 and is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). Ragnarok Online is based on the manhwa Ragnarok by Lee Myung-jin who created the characters based on the Norse Mythology. The game is developed by Gravity Interactive.

Recently, Gravity has announced a new “Ragnarok Online” in a format for better user experience on smartphones. It is called Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. If you have previously experienced playing this game in the past then it will just be a piece of cake, but for those who are new to this game, you first have to download the app from Google Play Store if you are using an Android device or from the Apple iTunes Store for iOS users. There is also a MuMu emulator available for your PC or laptop.

You can choose from five classes; Swordsman, Thief, Acolyte, Mage, Archer, and Merchant. Once you have chosen your type of class, you will be transported to a city called Prontera. You will be tasked to level up your character as a Novice.

To do this, you will be given a series of quests to complete while reaching the desired level to change to your desired job or class. You need to reach Job Level 10 to proceed to your class of choice and job level 40 for the succeeding job suggestion on the skill tree. Simple right? And it is fun too.

Job classes in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Basic Class 1st Class 2nd Class Rebirth Class
Novice Swordsman Knight/Crusader Lord Knight/Paladin
Thief Assassin/Rogue Assassin Cross/Stalker
Mage Wizard High Wizard
Acolyte Priest/Monk High Priest/Champion
Archer Hunter Sniper
Merchant Blacksmith/Alchemist Whitesmith/Creator


Once you have chosen your favorite class you will be doing some quests. For those who have played the previous game format of Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is quite different. The system has a mission board which was neglected and not activated in the past Ragnarok Online. The mission board allows you to explore the basic maps. Kill monsters that you can easily defeat. It has a special feature called auto-attack. This is a button located on the bottom right-hand corner where you can set the monsters you can kill and just leave it until you complete a certain quest. This is an awesome feature because most of us are also busy with our real-life “quests”.

The system also has a combat time feature which allows you to play 300 minutes or basically five hours game time. Once you have used up your combat time allotted for the day, you will experience combat stress and your experience and loot chance will decrease. You can actually relieve the stress by listening to music, yes there is a special NPC that could provide you 60 minutes additional combat time if you sit down and also listen to an hour of lovely music. If you have missed a day of playing, the combat time accumulates up to 900 minutes.

There is also a new feature called Adventure Skill where everything you do is documented in an Adventure Book. This allows to fully explore every area on a certain map. It consists of the following tabs such as:

Ranking Tab – allows you to view your adventure experience, your rank among your friends, and the summary of the adventure progress you have already done.

Monster Album Tab – allows you to document all monsters you have come across. All you have to do is either take a picture with the monsters or defeat them so that they could be documented.

Headwear Tab – allows you to check the type of headwear that you can craft for your job class. If ever you have a new headwear that you wish to wear and you are reluctant to let go of the current headwear you have, don’t worry you can actually deposit it on your album and take it with you because there is a corresponding attribute if in case you deposit the old headwear you have. Cool, right?

Pet Info Tab – allows you to document the pet you have already captured and will capture in the future.

Cooking Tab – allows you to document the dishes you have learned to cook from the Cooking Association. These dishes you made have attributes that when you consume them they will actually add to your character’s attributes. This tab is unlockable if you finish the cooking association quest.

NPC Album Tab – allows you to document all the quest NPC you have encountered.

Scenery Album Tab – allows you to document special areas within a specific map. All you have to do is take a picture or selfie on the target areas so that it will be unlocked.

Card Album Tab – allows you to store all cards you have acquired from monsters or from card albums that you would get from special boxes. All cards that are stored have additional attributes even though you have not used it on a piece of equipment.

Collectible Album – it is a new feature that allows you to collect quest items given by a certain quest in particular maps.

Achievement Progress Tab – allows you to note all types of achievement you have acquired by your character in all your journey in the Ragnarok M: Eternal Love world.

Equipment Album Tab – allows you to view all the equipment that you wish to have for your character. It gives you an overview on how to acquire or craft that specific equipment.

These features are pretty much new to everyone and they simplify your experience in the game. They also keep you inspired to do quests because once you unlocked it, you will definitely gain something from each quest met.

Aside from you combat time allotment for base and job experience grind, there are also other options to level up like doing your Mission Board, Endless Tower, Fix Time Rifts, Monster Resistance, Pet Labor, Pet Adventure and Training Grounds.

Mission Board

The Mission Board is one of the few special features where you can gain experience for your character. You can either choose to do it manually by going to the specified area on where to finish the quest or you can use Mercenary’s Mission Tickets to complete the quest. The mission ticket is also sold in a special shop that you can access if you use an adventure meatball gained from your pet or mission quests.

Pet Adventure and Pet Labor

The pet system in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is quite different from the old Ragnarok Online game. You don’t need to worry about your pet abandoning you if you forgot to feed it. Yes, you read that right, the pet does not abandon you. You can have the pet accompany you to every quest and adventure you go to or you can level them up and have them go on a pet adventure or pet labor.

The Pet Adventure is one of the features I love because you can actually send your pet on an awesome adventure on their own. All you need is give them adventure meatballs and they will go on a quest on their own. Yes, you read that right, your pet can actually help you gain experience and loots while you do other quests. Talking about multitasking; of course, there is a level requirement for each unlocked area. Once they completed the adventure they will return with experience for your base and job, loots from that area and of course pet experience as well. Duration is usually 60 minutes. You can do two Pet Adventure at a time. Neat, right?

The Pet Labor is also one feature I love because it allows you to send your pet to work. There are eight labor areas you can unlock depending on the quest you have met. These areas are Cooking Center, Item Shop, Kafra Co., Pet Association, Cuisine Association, Smile Assistance, Guild and Arena. You can have a maximum of three Pet Labor area to work on at a time.

Time Rifts

Fixing time rifts is pretty much new to the Ragnarok Online system. It allows you to gain rare loots and experience. This feature is unlockable through quests and can be achieved if you create a party with your friends. You have two options to fix a rift; you can defeat all the monsters manually or you can use a purification grail that can be purchased using an adventure meatball. This is limited to five tries per character and refreshes every 24 hours.

Endless Tower

This is one of the exciting features in the Ragnarok M: Eternal Love system, this allows a party to gain experience by accessing a mysterious tower on a mysterious island. The tower has about 100 levels to achieve. Each level has a number of monsters that you need to defeat in order to gain experience and of course rare loots. You can encounter MVP and mini MVP monsters every ten levels you pass. An awesome way to do MVP hunts. No need to compete on a map for an MVP monster.

Monster Resistance

It is pretty much a repeatable quest that you can do twice every day. Once you completed the required MOB experience you can turn it over to the NPC and you will gain experience and an item from it. If in case you were unable to participate in the quest, it accumulates for up to 6 times depending on your level. The higher your base level is the higher is requires.

Training Grounds

It is a new feature in the Ragnarok Online system where you get to be in a PVP atmosphere. PVP is a player vs. player mode where you get to show off your abilities and skills in combat with other human player’s characters. In this feature, you will get to battle off with character job classes but it is an automated character or an NPC (Non-Playable Character).

You could say you will battle a bot, a very smart bot. I tried it once and it is kinda difficult to overcome. But if you don’t want to go through the training grounds manually, you can actually buy a training ground ticket where it allows you to finish it by clicking the ticket. It can be purchased through the adventure meatball shop.

Guild System

The guild system in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is different from the previous Ragnarok Online format. There are a lot of features depending on the Guild Level. At the moment the guild I joined on is level 2 so there are a few unlocked features, like the Valhalla ruins where your guildmates can kill MVP bosses and get valuable loots. There is also a guild dojo where you and your guildmates can party up and defeat the practice MVP bosses. There is also a prayer room where you can add attributes to your character using your contribution points and Zeny (in-game currency) as well.

Contribution points are earned when you donate to the guild or just doing quests together with your guildmates. There is also the Aesir Monument which is very much new to Ragnarok Online. This item is where you set your runes to increase your character’s stats and attributes. It also is a way to unlock special skills depending on the job class you chose. To activate certain skills, you have to collect Gold Medals. The Gold Medals can be obtained through guild donation, special quests and chests or you can purchase it using Big Cat Coins, which can be acquired in the Gold Coin Shop.

You can exchange cash via your credit card or you can check the payment center to choose the mode of payment convenient for you. The game is only Pay-to-Win, if you want your character to be strong in a short amount of time. Then you can purchase in-game stuff through the Gold Coin Shop or even exchange real money for Zeny. But you can also try leveling up without spending your hard earned dough.

Overall, I think the game is great. The gameplay is just like its predecessor but it has cool and cute graphics, as well as a lot of quest for the player to finish and enjoy. It may seem awkward at first if you are used to the previous gameplay but once you get the hang of it, you will definitely enjoy it. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is currently available in Southeast Asia. There is still no final announcement as to when it will be available globally, but they are talking about “soon”.

How do you like the game? You can get all the details and download links on their website and if you like, you can check this start guide by GamingPH, for an easier start. What character class did you choose? Are you enjoying it so far? Leave your comments below. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

YouTube: Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Video Trailer

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