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Qualcomm Making 3D Imaging Easier [Video]

3D Picture Sharing: Do Picture Sharing Better

Qualcomm is one of the most popular semi-conductor manufacturing companies around. If you have a close look on them you can also notify that they are always quite forward on research and development. We just came across on of their latest YouTube videos now, featuring a new solution on 3D portrait photo taking. They are demonstrating the solution that allows everybody to create 3D images without the need for markers and without any experience in digital image technology as prerequisite.

So anybody is able to easily capture photos in 3D and share it to a social network. This might not blow your mind on its own as a stand-alone solution but the focus of Qualcomm is not to prepare final products but to deliver the pieces that enable innovative services and products to be developed. Keeping the scope in mind, this seems like a very interesting approach to 3D imaging and we are looking forward to hear what other developers might make of these possibilities.

Photo credit: Qualcomm

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